Hiphop artist Usher faces his son being taken away from him after his ex-wife claims that his home in Atlanta is a dangerous environment to bring up children in.

Tameka Raymond has filed legal documents in Fulton County, Georgia, after their 5 year-old son Usher Raymond V, got him arm stuck in Usher's swimming pool drain on Monday (5th Aug) reports TMZ.


The youngster was playing in the water with his brother Naviyd under supervision from Usher's Aunt Rena Oden when the accident occurred. He spied a toy in the drain well of the pool and reached in to get it but somehow got his arm caught in the process. Rena saw the boy stuck underwater and dived down to try to free him but she couldn't. After a maid also tried and failed to help, two men who were working in the house jumped into the water and managed to save the little boy who had become unconscious.


Usher Jr. was given CPR at the poolside to get him breathing again but had to be rushed to hospital. The 34 year-old performer, who was not home at the time of the incident, was notified immediately and rushed back to be with his son. Father and son then rode in the ambulance together before mother Tameka joined them at the hospital.

Usher Naviyd
Usher With Sons Usher V & Naviyd.

According to The Daily Mail, Usher V's condition is described as "okay" and is undergoing tests to check no serious damage has been done. TMZ have released the recording of Aunt Rena's breathless and frantic 911 call as she described what had happened to the emergency operatives: "My nephew was in the pool. He went and I couldn't get him. I tried to get him. They did CPR on him," she can be heard saying whilst she calms down his brother Naviyd.

The Star Could Lose Primary Custody Of His Sons.

Despite Usher's Aunt seemingly doing everything she could to help her great-nephew, mother Tameka reportedly isn't happy with Usher still having primary custody, especially a year after one of her other son's (and Usher's stepson) Kile Glover died last year due to head injuries obtained by a jet ski collision on a Georgia lake. It has been reported that she believes Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people take care of his sons, as well as concerns over Rena's overly physical attitude to discipline.

If she is granted primary custody after this week's emergency hearing, Usher will have limited custodial rights.