As the drawn-out court battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond draws to an end, it was the R&B singer who emerged on top as the ruling judge denied his ex-wife primary custody of their two sons. In a show of true character, Usher approached his wife following the decision and held her in his arms as she tried to comprehend the court's ruling.

Usher will keep primary custody of his children

As reported by TMZ, Tameka had relied heavily on the near-drowning of her son on Monday (5 August) as one of the main pieces of evidence used against her ex-husband. Her lawyer claimed in court that the incident was just one example of Usher being a distant father, who relies on unqualified nannies (his aunt Rena was at fault on Monday). Usher's lawyer was quick to counter this claim, stating that Usher is a wonderful father and since the children have been in his care they have thrived. He also argued that the pool incident was a one off, one that could have happened to anyone.

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The singer wasn't around when his eldest son nearly drowned

Usher's eldest son, Usher Raymond V, almost drowned at the beginning of the week when his hand became stuck in the pool's drain while he was trying to dislodge a toy. Rena and Usher's housemaid rushed to rescue and had to ask for assistance from two men working close by. After being given CPR and rushed to hospital, Usher jr came through and is expected to make a full recovery. The near-drowning came almost one year after the death of the 'Yeah' singer's former stepson Kile.

Usher V is currently in hospital, and it is still unclear whether he will retain any long-term injuries.

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