R&B singer Usher almost lost his son, Usher V, in a swimming pool accident where the youngster got his arm trapped in a drain whilst trying to retrieve a toy. The boy, 5, was staying at his father's house but the performer wasn't home at the time. Instead, supervision of the child was left to Usher's Aunt Rena in a situation that Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond terms as "negligent."

Usher Naviyd
Usher Pictured With His Two Sons, Usher V & Naviyd.

When the boy's arm became stuck, Rena jumped into the water and tried to save him. She couldn't dislodge his arm from the drain and neither could a maid who was nearby. Eventually, two contract workers in the house dove into the water and saved the day. The men are credited with releasing Usher V from the drain and performing CPR on the unconscious boy until they were sure he was breathing. Usher was notified and rushed home where he then rode with his shaken son to hospital in an ambulance.

Usher Fought To Keep Custody Of His Sons.

Usher V was kept in hospital for a few days whilst medics ran tests but it seems that now the little one has finally been given the all-clear. The boy was pictured out-and-about with his grandmother and younger brother Naviyd on Monday (12th August) wearing an arm bandage but in a good mood as the group went to visit an Atlanta play centre.

Usher Tameka
Usher & Tameka Together In 2008.

However, the boys' mother Tameka Raymond, and Usher's ex-wife since 2009, was wholly unimpressed with the incident and fears for her sons' safety whilst in the care of their "absentee" father. She requested an emergency custody hearing on 9th August, TMZ reports. The legal documents state that Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their two children.

Usher Tameka
Tameka & Usher Once Painted The Picture Of A Happy Couple.

Ms. Raymond's concern stems from the loss of her 11 year-old son, Kile Glover, nearly a year ago when the boy died after being run over by a jet ski on Lake Lanier, northeast Atlanta. Tameka also reportedly has issues with Aunt Rena's overly physical attitude towards discipline around her boys and doesn't believe her children are being looked after properly.

The Singer Denies He's A Bad Father.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms. Raymond was tearful in court and argued that Usher was a negligent and unresponsive father who saw no wrong in continually putting the care of their children into someone else's hands. However, at the hearing Usher contended that he wasn't an absentee parent nor had he ever tried to bar Tameka from seeing their boys.

Ms. Raymond, who works as a stylist, lost her bid for temporary custody meaning the arrangements will be unchanged, with limited custodial rights to the mother. TMZ reports that Tameka wanted Rena to be present to testify in court but the Aunt couldn't be tracked down.