Voters in Atlanta were furious when Usher was allowed to skip to the front of the line on election day (06.11.12).

The 'OMG' hitmaker was given special treatment by polling officials, where he was allowed to bypass the long queue to vote during the recent US presidential election, and his fellow voters are unhappy with the move, according to local TV station WSBTV.

However, election officials insist Usher was allowed to move to the front of the line to prevent chaos among those present.

They said in a statement that the site's poll manager ''was directed to ensure that [Usher's] presence would not become a distraction by taking necessary measures to move [him] through the process as expeditiously as possible. At no point was this decision made for preferential treatment, but to avoid a distraction at the poll''.

They added that the 'Climax' singer's team rang ahead to inform them he would be coming in to vote.

Usher recently made headlines by splashing out $12,000 on a new dog.

He was the highest bidder for a goldendoodle puppy at the Pencils of Promise Gala in New York City last month, in which the pooch was being auctioned to raise money for the charity, which constructs schools in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ghana.

Usher looked thrilled with his prize as he was determined to purchase a new canine in the auction, but he nearly lost out to fellow gala attendee and former 'Gossip Girl' star Jessica Szohr when the brunette beauty bid $11,000 for the puppy following the 34-year-old star's $10,000 offer.

But Usher's willingness buy a new four-legged friend shone through and he upped his bid to $12,000 before throwing his arms up in the air in celebration when he was informed the dog was his.