Uma Thurman's convicted stalker is in the process of working out a plea deal after it was revealed that he tried to contact the actress after his 2008 conviction.
UMA THURMAN's stalker Jack Jordan is attempting to negotiate a plea deal after a judge on Wednesday (23rd February 2011) said there was enough evidence support a new charge of stalking, reports the New York Daily News.Jordan was convicted in 2008 of stalking and harassing 40-year-old Thurman, best known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' and Kill Bill movies. He was sentences to three years' probation and told he was forbidden from trying to contact the star for five years. However, prosecutors in the new case say that Jordan called some of Thurman's phone lines and demanded to speak with the actress on at least two occasions in October 2010. According to court papers, authorities raided Jordan's parents' home in Maryland in November and found the words 'Uma Thurman J'adore' or 'I love Uma Thurman' typed into a Google search bar on his computer. If the new case goes to trial, Jordan would face up to four years in prison but his defence lawyer Sam Roberts said, "Any disposition ... would not include felony charges, certainly he didn't commit a felony".
Jordan has been behind bars since December and is due back in court on March 30th 2011.