UB40 frontman ALI CAMPBELL has quit the band after three decades. The Rat In The Kitchen singer decided to leave the British group, which formed in 1978, so he can fully devote himself to his solo career. However, Campbell will remain with UB40 until the reggae band has completed its upcoming February (08) tour of Australia, New Zealand and Uganda. The remaining seven members have vowed to continue as UB40, although no decision has yet been made as to whether Campbell will be replaced. A spokesman says, "Ali Campbell has taken the decision to focus on his solo career and in doing so, could not give his full commitment to UB40. "The other band members of UB40 are naturally disappointed and saddened after being together as a band unit and as good friends and a family unit for almost 30 years. "UB40 will continue to record and perform with the existing seven members. UB40 has never been about any one individual, but more a collective of band members, who have all contributed to create the unique sound that UB40 have become renowned for over the last three decades."