Campaigning rockers U2 are wreaking havoc on the environment by jetting around the globe on tour each year - according to eco experts.
Bono and his bandmates work tirelessly to help the poor in the developing world - but environment experts are calling on them to slow down their touring schedule because their jet-setting road trips are polluting the atmosphere.
Helen Roberts, environmental consultant at reveals, "The carbon footprint generated by U2's 44 concerts this year is equal to carbon created by the four band members travelling the 34.125 million miles from Earth to Mars in a passenger plane. You also have to add the carbon emissions from the same number of concerts again next year.
"Just looking at the 44 concerts this year, the band will create enough carbon to fly all 90,000 people attending one of their Wembley concerts (in London) to Dublin. To offset this year's carbon emissions, U2 would need to plant 20,118 trees."
The Irish rockers are currently on their latest world tour, which kicked off in Barcelona, Spain last Tuesday (30Jun09).