U2 rocker Bono was left frustrated with his lack of willpower while recovering from emergency back surgery earlier this year (10) - he took up smoking again to deal with his boredom.
The Irish band had to postpone the North American trek of its world tour and scrap its headlining slot at Britain's Glastonbury festival in June (10) after Bono was admitted to hospital for the operation in May (10).
He returned to the stage earlier this month (Aug10) for a gig in Italy.
But the rocker - who has smoked on-and-off throughout his life - admits he lit up again while he was in bed recovering.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "One of the things you can do when you're lying down like that is to write, so I wrote. Lying motionless I also had time to think about the future, because I never think about the past.
"The other thing I did was to eat ice cream and I also started smoking again."