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Imbruglia Keen On Duet With 'Saint' Bono

4th September 2007

Australian singer NATALIE IMBRUGLIA is desperate to duet with U2 legend BONO. Imbruglia, 32, is a huge fan of the Irish supergroup and would love to join forces with the enigmatic frontman. She says, "I...

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Queensryche Cover Rock + Broadway On New Album

28th August 2007

QUEENSRYCHE are paying homage to rock's anthems on a new covers album. The classic rockers have recorded new versions of Pink Floyd's Welcome To The MAChine, Peter Gabriel's Red Rain and U2's Bullet The Blue...

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Mexican Filmmaker Relieved To Get Bono's Permission

22nd August 2007

Mexican director EDUARDO ARROYUELO was relieved to receive rocker BONO's approval to use U2 music and footage in his movie 7 DIAS - because he'd already shot the movie. Newcomer Arroyuelo decided to forego asking...

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Fascinating Fact 3788

21st August 2007

Campaigner BONO has been turned into JESUS CHRIST in a new sculptor by artist DANIEL EDWARDS in which the U2 singer wears a long white robe, while a starving African child gazes up at him....

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Mullen Teams With Farrell For Property Development Project

10th August 2007

U2 drummer LARRY MULLEN has joined forces with his movie star compatriot COLIN FARRELL to buy and develop a GBP3 million ($6 million) apartment block in England. The Irishmen were drawn to the Bolton property...

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Lanois Film To Feature U2 Rehearsals

9th August 2007

U2 fans attending the Toronto Film Festival in Canada next month (Sep07) are in for a treat - producer DANIEL LANOIS' new film, which is premiering at the event, features footage of the band rehearsing...

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Fascinating Fact 3672

2nd August 2007

Headgear fan and U2 guitarist THE EDGE currently owns 375 hats, and "14 or 15 bandannas"....

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The Things They Say 5295

31st July 2007

"I can't tell, from just listening, the difference between COLDPLAY and U2. They sound the same." Veteran rocker ERIC CLAPTON doesn't think much of the British and Irish music scene....

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Bono Gets Handfuls Of Praise From Cruz

27th July 2007

U2 singer BONO has been snapped hand-in-hand with actress PENELOPE CRUZ, seemingly without his wife ALI HEWSON.The Irish rock star, 47, was photographed holding hands with Cruz on a beach in Saint Tropez and in...

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Cruz Hails Bono Her 'Hero'

27th July 2007

Actress PENELOPE CRUZ is in awe of U2 star BONO's charitable nature and has hailed him as her "hero". The Spanish beauty, who partied with the rocker in the trendy French city of St. Tropez...

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White Stripes Top Live Band List

24th July 2007

The WHITE STRIPES are the best touring band to see live, according to a new U.S. poll. The duo, Jack and Meg White, beat Radiohead, Pearl Jam and the newly-reunited Rage Against The MAChine in...

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Tucker More Famous Than Bono In Africa

11th July 2007

Comedian CHRIS TUCKER was left amazed during a visit to Ethiopia with rocker BONO - because he was recognised more than the U2 superstar. Tucker and Bono visited Africa together in 2002 as part of...

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Velvet Revolver Become Bored With Rubin

8th July 2007

Rockers VELVET REVOLVER dumped producer RICK RUBIN after becoming bored of his slow work process. The supergroup were delighted when the famed producer came on board with them - but came to realise they were...

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Bono Is A Technical Magician

4th July 2007

U2 frontman BONO has a secret power - he can erase the memory from his friend's mobile phones. Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell says he experiences a bizarre technical hitch soon after speaking to the Irish...

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Bono: 'I Knew Blair Would Be A Great Leader Because He Was A Guitarist'

27th June 2007

U2 frontman BONO knew former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR would be a great leader, because he can play guitar. Blair played the instrument during his teenage years in rock band Ugly Rumours - something...

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Glasto Revellers Struggle Home

26th June 2007

Revellers on their way home from this year's Glastonbury festival faced a tough trip after coach delays and thick mud held up transport from the site.Some festival goers with combined concert and coach tickets faced...

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Glastonbury Ends On A High

25th June 2007

Rock legends The Who closed out this year's Glastonbury festival which has seen about 180,000 people brave regular downpours and muddy conditions to witness the world's largest greenfield music and arts festival. Glastonbury founder Michael...

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Glasto Founder Hails "Fantastic Weekend"

24th June 2007

The founder of the Glastonbury festival has said this year's three-day event has been a "fantastic weekend".Speaking to journalists, Michael Eavis praised the spirit of festival-goers who have once again had to endure the rain...

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Dion Song For Clinton Campaign

20th June 2007

Celine Dion's You has been picked as Hillary Clinton's campaign song for the forthcoming Democratic primaries.After a public vote on the presidential nominee's website, it was announced that Dion's track had come out on top...

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Dion Wins Clinton Campaign Song Vote

20th June 2007

CELINE DION has landed the official song for U.S. Senator HILLARY CLINTON's presidential campaign. Dion's You + I will accompany Democrat Clinton as she travels across America in her bid to become the next U.S....

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Hutchence Biopic Official

15th June 2007

LATEST: Tragic INXS star MICHAEL HUTCHENCE is to return from the grave in a new biopic produced by MORGAN FREEMAN. The film, tentatively titled Slide Away - the name of the duet the singer performed...

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Mccartney Steals Bono's Wardrobe

15th June 2007

Former Beatle SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY took a jacket intended for BONO to wear during their 2005 Live 8 duet without his permission. The U2 frontman was stunned to see the former Beatle sporting his clothes...

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Bono Slams 'Misleading' G8 Aids Fund

8th June 2007

U2 star BONO has slammed world leaders for "deliberately misleading" the world with their pledge to fight Aids and other diseases.Speaking after the G8 summit in Germany, Bono told Reuters that he was "exasperated" that...

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U2 Re-team With Eno And Lanois

7th June 2007

Irish rockers U2 are reteaming with long-term collaborators BRIAN ENO and DANIEL LANOIS for help with their new album. The former Roxy Music star and Lanois famously produced the band's breakthrough fifth album, The Joshua...

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Bono Guest Edits Variety

6th June 2007

Rocker BONO has become the first guest editor of Variety, and has made his mark by giving the July (07) issue of the U.S. magazine 20 different covers. The crusading U2 singer has published a...

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Bono Praises Bush For African Aids Pledge

3rd June 2007

Crusading rocker BONO has lavished praise on American President George W. Bush for pledging $30 million (GBP15 million) toward the fight against AIDS in Africa. The U2 singer is delighted by the decision to divert...

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Guest Editor Geldof Calls For An End To Poverty

1st June 2007

BOB GELDOF was the guest editor in chief of today's issue of Germany's biggest tabloid Bild and urged people to put an end to poverty in Africa. The singer and activist created a special issue...

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More Musicians Join Line-up To Rock The Clinton Vote

28th May 2007

TINA TURNER, LENNY KRAVITZ and THE POLICE are the latest acts to join the race to land the campaign song for U.S. Senator HILLARY CLINTON's presidential campaign. Democrat Clinton has launched a competition on her...

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Fascinating Fact 3305

28th May 2007

U.S. Senator HILLARY CLINTON is calling on YouTube users to vote for their favourite song to lead her presidential campaign. Among the top five are tracks by the likes of U2, Shania Twain, and K.T....

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Tennant Slams Campaign Concerts

25th May 2007

PET SHOP BOYS frontman NEIL TENNANT has slammed "campaign concerts" like this summer's (07) Live Earth gig - because he hates the idea of musicians preaching to the public. The singer believes it is arrogant...

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