Model-turned-actor Tyrese Gibson's mother has gone public with a family feud which is set to leave her homeless.

Gibson thrilled Oprah Winfrey when he handed his mum PRISCILLA MURRAY the keys to a new home on her TV show in 2000, but now she claims he's out to evict her.

She claims the FOUR BROTHERS star has put the $150,000 (GBP83,300) home on the market and is forcing her into a one bedroom condominium because he doesn't get along with his siblings, who live in the house he bought his mum.

Murray says, "He doesn't want them with me but I don't want to split up my family. It makes me so sick... My heart is broken."

But a spokeswoman for Gibson insists the claims Murray has made to US tabloid National Enquirer are "completely untrue" adding, "Tyrese is shocked and saddened by these allegations."