Tyra Banks' first guest on her new talk show last night (12SEP05) was her mother.

The supermodel was brought to tears when her mum told the audience and viewers why she thought the show would be an instant hit.

She explained, "The main thing that I'm most moved by is the fact that she has this real gift for opening herself, opening her soul, being strong and brave enough to share.

"In that process, this talk show, I really feel it's going to give her the opportunity to empower everyone."

Banks then told viewers her mother, a photographer, will be a regular on the show.

She said, "I don't have all the answers. I've lived but I'm 31 years old, my momma's 56... There will be times she'll be sitting on this couch with me going through my guests' problems... She's gonna be everybody's momma."

The model had a huge surprise on her first show - she sobbed as girls from her T-Zone summer camp invaded the stage and performed an empowerment chant Banks created for the campers.