Like any (very) long running television show with a set format, it's important to mix it up every now and again. America's Next Top Model is no exception, where Tyra Banks constantly preaches inclusion and the beauty 'within us', over the past few years she has done special seasons for short models, plus size models and now she's broadened it out further to do let male models compete as well.

Although the skinny 5ft10 girls across the US will be crying out, distraught at one more chance of theirs to make it onto the coveted runways of world renowned and revered designers made that much more difficult, the rest of us will delight in our screens being graced by all variety of beautiful man. This follows a major shake-up earlier this year when Jay Manuel, Jay Alexander and Nigel Barker, all of whom have been involved in the show since season one, did not have their contracts renewed.

The inclusion of men in the new series is not the only big change: the show will also now begin airing in the summer, rather than the spring, in an attempt by CW to up increase original programming, reports E! Online. Their appearance not only supports equal rights and equal opportunities, it also encourages a more tumultuous house dynamic with more possibilities of romantic relationships, jealousy and thus catty fighting that is inherent within the show.

ANTM has only been around since 2003, but it has managed to reach its 20th season as it's been pushed to two seasons a year, unlike most TV talent shows. Perhaps beauty is just one talent that's in too much of an abundant supply for one cycle per annum. No set date has been confirmed for the return of the reality show, but it will be sometime in Summer 2013.