Alex Cross, the crime-thriller starring Tyler Perry, hits theaters this weekend on the back of some of the worst reviews of the year. The film, based on the novels of James Patterson, follows Cross, a homicide detective and psychologist who is pursuing a serial killer.

You may remember the same character being portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the enjoyable 'Kiss the Girls' as well as in 'Along Came a Spider.' The Wire's own Idris Elba was previously attached to the project, though we assume he probably got a whiff of the script and got the hell out of there. The movie holds a laughable 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, not helped by reviews such as that from Roger Ebert, who wrote, "The direction by Rob Cohen is so careless that the film's climax is set up by a car crash that, if I am not mistaken, is completely coincidental." To put that rating into context: it's 3% less than Jaws 3, and 14% less than Flubber. Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "[Cross] has a really bad temper, really big guns and really bad dialogue. He will use all of them excessively if pushed." Manolha Dargis of the New York Times hammered the final nail in the coffin, writing, "A grim, dispiritingly stupid waste of time, energy, money and talent ..."

So there you have it, cinemagoers. Alex Cross is really bad. Though we suspect it'll find itself in the Box Office Top 3 come Monday, which is quite depressing really.