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Ok Tyler I was disappointed wit the season finale of for better or worse WTH I know u gonna turn that around lol lol

Posted 4 years 4 months ago by Latanya China Rhodes

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Omg, love Hattie. Tyler...you did it again. Philly love! My daughter and I had a fabulous time at the play "Hell Hath No Fury, Like A Woman Scorned". Can't wait to see Madea, Aunt Bam,

Posted 4 years 6 months ago by EllePhillyLove

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from san diego, "hell have no fury like a womans scorn", my god, awesome play, great cast, patrce lovely took the show, what a talented person, had no idea she could "saang, yea saang, what a voice. the whole cast was great. The stage production, musician, they were the best. Tyler please do not take forever to come back to san diego. Our black community is starving for these type of production. Oprah came once, it rained out and she never returned. We have such a beautiful city and grant it maybe a much smaller black community but we support you and all your shows, so please again stop by.

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by greenadams

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Money did not make Tyler who he is. Tyler is a kind, caring, talented man.He has helped me through many crying nights with his story of success. Do you know how many people ask him for money? I am in need right now, I would not ask Tyler for money but would ask for a job, not a handout. He has a website where you can apply for a job. Try that. If he were in Charlotte NC I would. Change your thought process he owes you nothing. Pray for him, that is what I do. donnaadams5@yahoo.com

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by donnab

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when will u people learn mr perry don't give a dam bout u your money made him what he is today yea he says he helps the poor who can or will go against him to say he don't I asked him for help yrs ago I know of others who have also why does he have a e mail address ad he ever response because he is a fake tennybop57@yahoo.com

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by tennybop57@yahoo.com

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Please help bring this talented man to justice. His life was taken too soon by our "beloved" police here in Dayton Ohio...Please help spread the word. Look up KYLEN ENGLISH http://youtu.be/qWzyPB8dVSA

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by TSearcy992@live.com

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Hello, Mr.Tyler Perry!!! My name is Tonya. A yr ago my son help put us in apartment so we wouldn't have to be homeless or living in a crowded 2 bedroom apartment. We have been in our apartment for 1 yr, my children have gradually improve their grades & pass on their crct scores, im very proud of my children, i saw how it effected us by staying with some one & i dont want it to happen again. It took me to yrs to get our family back as a whole family again. Im asking for your help, we dont have nowhere to go, my employment at wayfield ended, i thought i had enough money to cover our rent but i didnt, our lights had been cut off, so i had to use that money to get the service restored and buy food, & buy bags of ice to stay cool,i tried every resources i used or look up can't help us, school starting next month, i dont no what to do, i need ur help Please,im out here looking for work but i dont want us homeless before anybody puts us out, u can call Brentwood creek apartment on 1935 Alison ct. Im behind on my june rent,im asking for donations to keep us from being evicted out of 2bedroom apartment, please,please help us,im not a lzy mom,i haven't been workin now for amonth, i been puting in plenty of applications, help us family of 4

Posted 4 years 9 months ago by Tonya Bless

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Hi Mr perry are you ever going to make madea meets the brown that would be a good play I love all your play and movies

Posted 4 years 9 months ago by Roderick Haynes Sr.

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Hi MR.Perry, I have all your movies and plays, Love them all and no bootleg DVD'S,I just like to say this and i hope i don't hurt your feelings, But Aunt Bam was the bomb in The play, She made the play so good i have watch it 4 times.

Posted 4 years 11 months ago by Marcia Ferguson

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Posted 4 years 11 months ago by Martins Cole

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Hello Mr. perry I am a big great big fan of yours and i was wondering will there ever be a play in California, and if so can you bring the play to Riverside there are a lot of people would love to come and see your wonderful plays and my God forever bless you and smile upon you and give you peace. because of Christ Rev. rodney whitlock sr esq.

Posted 4 years 11 months ago by Rodney Whitlock Sr.

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Posted 4 years 11 months ago by Mary Jones Little

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Wanda Broadnax, I had a ball at the play "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned at the Johnny Mercer Theatre in Savannah, GA. It was an awesome play and please bring another one to town.

Posted 4 years 12 months ago by Wanda Broadnax

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Yvonne Rawls Hi just went to see Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. It was awesome, hopefully you come back to Savannah again.

Posted 4 years 12 months ago by Yvonne Gordy Rawls

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Mr. Perry Kudos for the excellent message you conveyed in Hell Hath No Fury. I really thank you for using real human conditions to lead us to a state of mind. Even though the sound wasnt very good and many of the words and songs didnt reach our area I still enjoyed the concepts. Hope you have continued success in all you do.

Posted 5 years 1 week ago by Deb Dur

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I just saw the play is salisbury me and girlfriend loved it and its always a good message in your plays keep up the good job

Posted 5 years 1 month ago by Keonta Turnage

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ttie is definitely off the hook,l Love her and cheryl ,I have a date every wed. With those two

Posted 5 years 1 month ago by Lisa Pope

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OMG...another wonderful play,hell has no fury like a women scroned.....just seen it in Puttsburgh PA..loved it..w as disappointed that I couldn't. Get a Picture with the cast,misses you also Tyler....but it was awesome...Bravo to your wonderful cast!!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 years 1 month ago by Lisa Pope

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Hello Mr. Perry, my sister and I saw your play "Hell have no fury like a woman scorned," tonight and it was wonderful. We had a great time and the cast did their THANG'! Patrice Lovely and Sheryl Pepsi Riley were terrific. They had a hard time keeping back the laughter during the scenes. We in the audience loved it. The scenes were real and lifelike. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and keep up the good work. Please keep coming to Fayetteville, NC...Mama Hattie, we love you! Paula

Posted 5 years 1 month ago by Paula Counts

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Hello Tyler Perry my name is J I live in Washington DC Area I'm just getting home from your play Hell has no fury like a woman scorn Phanonimal I must say you hit close to home real life experience for me it made me think I must for give my kid's father for all the wrong he has done to me Thanks a lot much love and respect

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Joyce Barnhart

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Hi Tyler, my sister, my niece, and I went to see your new play in Columbia, SC on Saturday at the Township Auditorium and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We missed Madea but, the play was very uplifting. We as women don't have to settle for dead end relationships. We need to always put ourselves first and not loose ourselves in relationships. Thanks you Tyler for the inspiring lessons potrayed in your play! Love, Dorothy Holmes

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Dorothy Holmes

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Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Julie Berry

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Hey.Tyler Perry.I stay in Shreveport,La.I loved the play.I had a blast tonight.Keep up the good work.Cant wait til u come back to the Port City.Love ya!!!!!!

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Atiyahna Ratlif...

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Hey.Tyler Perry.I stay in Shreveport,La.I loved the play.I had a blast tonight.Keep up the good work.Cant wait til u come back to the Port City.Love ya!!!!!!

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Atiyahna Ratlif...

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Hey Mr Perry just left from seeing Hell has no fury in Lake Charles,LA in front of a packed house awesome play powerful message and a supreme cast hope we can get another play out this way soon PEACE&LOVE

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Karl Madison

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Hey!Mr. Perry. I would really love to see this idea come to life. "Madea Goes To Boot Camp!Think about it. We were just at the dinner table talking about it.

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Siasja Washington

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Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Tajuana Jenkins

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Hello Mr. Tyler Perry i think it will be great if you make a "Madea Goes To Compton" or "Madea Goes To Watts"

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by Vania Marie Reyes

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Mr Tyler Perry, will you PLEASE write about spiritual warfare and how spirits attack our FLESH. For example I'm 53 years old and I have had over 40 years of spiritual attacks on my life. Drug addiction, Porn Addiction, Lying, cheating, manipulation, BITTERNESS, RESENTMENT, TEMPER, SELF-WILL, STUBBORNNESS, REBELLION, DESTRUCTION, FEAR, INFERIORITY, SELFISHNESS, ALCOHOL, SUICIDE, WORRY, FEAR OF DISAPPROVAL, CONFUSION, PROCRASTINATION, FALSE RESPONSIBILITY, CURSE INHERITANCE, CIGARETTES. Glory be to God today for about 10 years I'm FREE. (BUT) my spirit man is being haunted and tested daily.

Posted 5 years 11 months ago by UncleRickyJoe

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Hi Tyler, I really the love the show The Haves and Have Nots. You never seems to amaze me. Love it Keep pressing Mr. P and God will continue to Bless you more Love u (ALWAYS A FAN)

Posted 5 years 11 months ago by LetGodUseU

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Hi Tyler, This is great finally I can respond on this sight that I came across. First,Your movie was really great to watch (like they all are). I really did enjoy it.Keep up the good work, and I know your Mother is pleased also. Secondly, Bobbi did and excellent job on your show both episodes,and the second shows the improvrment.It looks as though she will get better each time as she continues to grow on the show.Tyler, continue to mentor her and help her that is very kind of you. Finally, may God continue to use you with the gifts he has given you for it is God who gets the ultimate Glory. P.S. I agree no one defines who we are, and it is God who gives us the strength to do all things.May you continue to be blessed in your future endeavors.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Jaye10

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Bobby Kristina was just great I didn't want to stop watching her she reminded me so much of her mother she talks just like her. I wanted to see more I pray one day she has her own show so we can watch her grow. Thanks Mr. Perry for doing that she act like she been doing that for year.I really never watch that show can't think of the name of it but I will watch it again just to see her so please keep her roles coming. If I can say one negative thing is why she don't get her teeth fix it would make a world of difference she said she don't want to be like her father then getting that done will remove the talk she looks just like her dad with that gap in her mouth. I know that want change the actress she is becoming but alot of actors and actress has to change something about themselves to stay in the spot light Jennifer Hudson Shmar Moore fix his bottom teeth. But enough about that I know if she is anything like her mom she is saying leave me alone I will get it fix when I get good and ready smile.

Posted 6 years 9 months ago by signature

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Kristina, you were such a natural, I was so very proud of you, and you were very funny, I enjoyed every line that you spoke. Keep hangin around Mr. Perry and all positive people and you will be a very successful beautiful young lady.You made your Mother very proud'Blessing to you in your new found adventure.O.Bell

Posted 6 years 9 months ago by divalicous

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I watched For Better or Worse last night expecting Bobbi Kristina to fall on her face. She proved me WRONG!! She did a pretty good job. Some acting lessons and she will only get better. Way to Bobbi Kristina!!!! Don't give up.

Posted 6 years 9 months ago by love45

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Bobbi is a natural, some acting lessons and she will only get better!

Posted 6 years 9 months ago by feelin50

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I just wanna say thatb ms Bobbi K was a natural and she was funny im so glad that shee has mr perry in her life! I know whatit is like i found my mom dead.and she wasnt sick it was just her time,and she was my love& my life.but it just brings me joy how God sent us an angel like you. The show is a Hit

Posted 6 years 9 months ago by chocola59

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I just finished watch aunt bam place, and like mr. Perry said. No matter what no one said or if you think you fail in life just keep pressing on. i have given up many times and try again and again and still wont reach my goals in life that im trying to reach, but i believed it's because like the scripture say, how he of little faith. Faith is what im lack of.i just want everyone to pray for me while i keep praying for myself. (troubled soul nicola from Miami,fl)

Posted 6 years 10 months ago by Nayante

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> You know I had to write a review on Good Morning America site from today's Show.>> -- Tyler Perry 18 second(s) ago > I was lay in bed this morning when Tyler Perry was on the show. As the reporter was talking about her next guest I did not know who she was talking about.> When I saw Tyler Perry I wanted to throw the sheet over my head. OMGG, she has just let the cat out the bag she has never seen one of his shows, asked about him before the show or heard about him.> Do a little research before you report on a Millionaire. If she had she would know how to say the main character name of the show.

Posted 6 years 10 months ago by ladydimple3358

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You know I had to write a review on Good Morning America site from today's Show.-- Tyler Perry 18 second(s) ago I was lay in bed this morning when Tyler Perry was on the show. As the reporter was talking about her next guest I did not know who she was talking about.When I saw Tyler Perry I wanted to throw the sheet over my head. OMGG, she has just let the cat out the bag she has never seen one of his shows, asked about him before the show or heard about him.Do a little research before you report on a Millionaire. If she had she would know how to say the main character name of the show.

Posted 6 years 10 months ago by ladydimple3358

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LAWRENCEVILLE - Eyes were moist on campus - but sleeves are rolled up for more hard work - as St. Paul's College learned the school will not be reaffirmed for accreditation. The school plans to appeal the decision, which places the future of the 124-year-old college up in the air.Since he stepped on campus last November, Interim President and CEO Eddie N. Moore Jr. has aimed to steady the foundering ship for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. St. Paul's was placed on probational status two years ago, the maximum time allowed to rectify issues."To say we are disappointed is a terrible understatement," Moore said in a statement Thursday afternoon. "To have raised nearly $5 million in six months despite the challenges before us, and effected a managerial and strategic turn-around putting the college on a trajectory for a solid future, was a team effort which resulted in a monumental achievement."The St. Paul's Board of Trustees will meet as soon as possible to discuss appealing the decision. The school said in a statement that Moore received a phone call Thursday from a staff member of SACS. An official statement is expected in July, but administrators are already working on the appeal and setting up plans for students. Each student and family will be contacted by June 28 and a transition committee has been formed to help students transfer credits to other colleges and universities."We're not going to wait for a letter in the mail so to speak," said Kimberly Tetlow, vice president for institutional advancement. "Sleeves are rolled up and we're trying to immediately jumpstart this process."The college's "Now & Forever" campaign aimed to pull in $5 million "to support the school's operating budget, partially reduce the deficit and attend to campus renovations" "while demonstrating financial stability and strategic management," according to statement earlier this month. A variety of sources, including alumni, private individuals, businesses, nonprofits and members of the affiliated Episcopal Church, contributed.Tetlow said it was a very emotional day on campus following a campus-wide meeting with Moore."It was an emotional time. I think everyone had a moment of devastation, if you will," she said Thursday. "By the time we all walked out of that auditorium, we were ready to charge ahead. It's truly not over."The private, historically black college situated in tiny Lawrenceville in Brunswick County enrolls about 400 students, having lost about 150 when it ended athletics programs in 2011. A member of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, St. Paul's had fielded 14 teams that drew many students to campus, but athletics were among the belt-tightening cuts as the school struggled."While this is most certainly a bitter pill to swallow for our entire family, our friends, alumni, faculty, staff, students and our local community, I am not done yet," Moore said. "I look forward to learning the details of the Commission's decision, rolling up my sleeves and focusing on our appeal."

Posted 6 years 10 months ago by blackvacoach

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hello and greetings, have seen every play that came to conn, love and enjoy myself and thankful for what you do, but on May 6 in Brigeport, Ct,went to see your show,it was apresent from my daughter for mothers day. always on time cause i know you start on time. by time we got into the building and sat down we missed a half an hour of your show. i was very upset and disappointed. dont know who to be upset with. if they had open the doors early then we would have got to our seats in time. if saw the people still going to the seats i feel you should have stop the show so we could have saw thr begining of the play.i was not the only person who felt this way. what can i say ???? i have always rave over your plays but what i experiemce today well what i did see it was great but UPSET. THATS REAL TALK.

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by Jasmin1980

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Hi Tyler I was wondering if you have ever wanted to do a movie about Twins with a love/hate relationship if so I have a good one. Hope I could get an answer back about this. Thank You

Posted 7 years 5 days ago by not on twitter

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Hi Tyler:I was at the Verizon Center 3pm show today of "Madea Gets A Job" and enjoyed it tremendously. I think you scared the crap out of "DJ" I think it was, who was the 13th year old trying to get a note to you as his birthday is tomorrow. You told him you would get with him after the show, and I know you made his day. The caracter Hattie is hilarious, and you need to keep her around, as she is a blast, but all of the parties were great. As long as you keep it coming, I am behind you 110%. I am a faithful follower but did not get to see "The have and the have nots" but I need to know when can I get the CD. I checked your website but did not find it since probably it is new. When, and if you have time, can your staff advise me when this is available on CD, as I NEED to have my own copy. Look forward to your next masterpiece, and hopefully you will not be harassed again from the Atlanta police again. I mean dang, can a brother have a nice ride, and make a left turn from the right lane and not be harrased by the police. Your mother should be so proud, as I am truly dissapointed that GOD did not bless me to sing and act. Mother is definetly looking down on you. I like the idea that you DON"T need white hollywood as you got your own thang going on and really don't need them, as they are the ones missing out on the good thing. You know what the deal is and have complete control over everything, which is how you do things. Looking forward to your next play, movie, or whatever it is you will do next, as I am a follower and got your back. ALso, you clean up as a fine brother(lol). May God continue to bless you and keep up the good work. If I don't hear back from you or your staff I will be truly dissapointed. See U soon. Love, Barbara in Alexandria, Va.

Posted 7 years 2 weeks ago by beebee99

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Dear Tyler, I am from Memphis Tennessee. I am probably one of your biggest fans and enjoy the fact, that you are prospering so well, I went to the movie with my sister for my birthday, we saw you movie Good Deeds which we enjoyed as much as any of your other movies. The only thing that displeased us was the young man at the theater selling the tickets. He tried to give us a ticket for another movie, when he was confronted about the different name on the ticket he said that it didn't matter We told him that it did matter because this was some credid that you deserved and that it was due you. My sister went back to the ticket office and made the manger give us the correct ticket. I don't know how many other people this has happened to, I just wanted to make you aware of whats going on in Memphis Tennessee. Love you

Posted 7 years 1 month ago by ler

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Tyler, you really have performed like I have never seen before in "Good Deeds". I just got home from seeing it and still thinking about the performances of everyone. Now what will the 'Nay Sayers' have to say? I hope that everyone got to view and it is #1. It is a must see and don't think about Madear. A very touching movie!

Posted 7 years 2 months ago by Tip

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Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, My name is Tammie and I'm from Brooksville, Ms. I'm writing in regards to the BEAUTIFULLY SPOKEN WORDS that you spoke at WHITNEY HOUSTON'S FUNERAL. They were so heartfelt and so needed to be spoken after the MEDIA maded her LOOKed like such a BAD person thanks for People like you... But with that being said and with those words I THINK THAT IT'S TIME FOR MADEA TO GO TO CHURCH..I WAS TRULY WAITING TO SEE IF MADEA WOULD COME OUT. I WOULD LOVE TOO SEE THAT IN A MOVIE. KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING AND I'M GOING TO ALWAYS KEEP WATCHING... PLEASE RESPOND BACK.

Posted 7 years 2 months ago by tammie

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Dear Mr.Perry,My name is Rachel Spione and I am 11 years old. I also happen to be one of your biggest little fans. I love your tv shows, movies and plays. my favorite people are uncle joe and madea! I will be attending one of your plays "Madea Gets A Job", This will be my first time getting to see you live. I will see you at the verizon center in washington,D.C. I am so excited to see you in the meantime i hope your tour is going very well. See you soon.

Posted 7 years 2 months ago by sspione

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I just love Mr.Brown, are there going to be any new episodes of meet the Brown's?

Posted 7 years 2 months ago by Blc

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A'ight man--BIG fan here--although I had to be won over by all my female relatives on Christmas & Thanksgiving!! (lol) Okay, 'bout the phone? Two things: 1): If you were at YOUR house (& I KNOW you're blessed ALLL up in yo' account!), I'd burn as few lights as possible, too!! (LMHO); & 2): (in my best Madea...) "ANN de Lord't sedeth, tha 'DROID is a lamp unto mah feece, & VERIZON to mah paffway!" (U can use that if you'd like!!! LOL) LOVE 'YA BRUH- FA real--see'ya next week in Dallas!!!---E.T., Cedar Hill, Tx.

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by E.T.

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Good evening Mr. Perry: While I have not used a cell phone to light my path, i have recognized in dimly lit rooms that the cell phone definitely gives off a lot of light. Seriously Brother, I can help you with your phone bill. Your are a good man Mr. Perry. Many Blessings, - garry ADAM.

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by BLESSINGS !

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Hello Mr. Perry, I'm writing to invite you to check out (NEHEMIAH- WHITE AS SNOW) on utube and he also has a website. I am and was a praying mother, just wanted you to see how good GOD has blessed and SAVED my son. Your movies and plays have been such an inspiration to me and my family!!!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you in your sucess and spiritual growth.

Posted 7 years 4 months ago by Camry

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Mr Perry, I am going to be at your play in Baltimore Maryland, Can I give you my ideal and query letter at your play. It's a joyful true play that follows a young girls that everyone calls "black girl" which she hates, and how she overcomes and becomes very succesful financially and spiritually.

Posted 7 years 4 months ago by antevia

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Dear MR Perry their is a lady in Georgia she is 103 yrs old and facing eviction from her home the deputies went to put her out and when they seen her and how old she was they could not do it please mr perry help her she told the deputies to not bother her that when she die they could do what they wanted to do but for right now dont disturb her. god bless you Mr Perry please go and help her . i wrote you because you are one of gods angels and another angel need help.

Posted 7 years 4 months ago by Charlotte Still...

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Tyler, I have an awesome ideal for a play. Where Can I send a query Letter.

Posted 7 years 4 months ago by antevia

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Hey Tyler, I wanted to let you know, I've seen A Medea's Christmas ...the play, I can't hardy wait for the movie to hit theaters. It was very funny, with so much ...TRUTH about family values understanding, learning when to give helping hand when needed. Having the mind set to trust ...to love again,despite the past there're new beginning's ahead, only if we would allow ourselves to be free from ...the hurtful past. "Great Life-lesson" Tyler Perry "Oh Toni Grant -put a hurting on Who's Gonna to Be - it will be a number #1 seller in the record store, you really need to get that CD collection in the making...NOW. Looking forward to watching For Better or Worse ...already know it's going to be a "rib cracker".

Posted 7 years 5 months ago by robrobin44

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Hi Mr. Perry my name is Helen i live in Detroit today i was downtown at the Michigan Building where you were shooting your new movie no one would tell me the name anyway whatever is and whatever it's about i'm sure it's as funny and wonderful as everything else you have done or anything too do with if you get a chance come to Super Kmart in Detroit on Telegraph Street and ask for Auntie Helen it would be great too meet you maybe i could be in the movie or on one of your sitcoms let me come and visit me anyway this is my email address foxytudda41@yahoo

Posted 7 years 7 months ago by grandmatudda

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dear tyler, my name is mary haley and i have been helping people for years on their problems with humor. i have this column i do and people write in to me with their problems and i answer it with humor. my father told us the only way to solve a problem is to find humor in it. and we use to go to him and sit in his garage and bring huge problems and walk out laughing and it didnt seem that big after all. i have this idea we can do , so please call me . thanking you in advance, mary arledge haley 7147221457

Posted 7 years 7 months ago by newyorklosanglesmary

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dear tyler, my name is mary haley and i have been helping people solve theri problems through humor for years,i have this kinds dear abby thing only its really funny. my father told me that the only way to solve a problem is to find humor in it. so we kids would go to my dad in his garage,(anyplace to get away from mom, hahah) and eat candy , but we would ;go in with a big problem and come out laughing and our problem didnt seem that big after all.. so i have this great idea we can do , so call me.. 714 7221457 thanking you in advance , mary arledge haley

Posted 7 years 7 months ago by newyorklosanglesmary

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Dear Mr. Perry,Subtlety plays a key roll in messaging. If you want to build your audience and hone your craft build your subtlety and message variations.I love your Madea character.  Why not build on her character archs and story portrayals with Brown and Cora. Ex: Madea as a school teacher, different story different subtle message.Ex: Madea on the Mother's board, police officer, Judge, etc. I am no one to tell you a major talent from God anything. But, I believe that your messages are for more than the original audience who gave you a chance.  Your movies are driving in the same messages over and over. We get it. The art of story telling is finding different ways to explain history or the future. You have a gift to do it cinematicly and theatrically. Broaden your horizons. You have developed so much in your filming techniques. It is beautiful to see. That is why most black movies are compared to yours cinematically which can be a little unfair.Overall, I hope you continue to improve upon your story telling abilities. Your story is inspiring.  

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by Ms. A

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Hi Tyler,I saw Madea's big happy family on 4/22, I always see your films the day they come out, I have not missed one yet. My sister and I went together, we loved it, we laughed so loud until we hurt. You did it once again, Somehow you always pick the right actors, everyone was great, we loved,loved,loved it. I am currently watching you on Monique's show. Keep up the good work, stay encouraged, god has blessed you, you are doing exactly what you should be doing, don't stop.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by Helen S

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you are the best mr perry keep your god given talet and tell spkie lee to call 1-800 choke that ho and get off your back the movie was off the chain as always i will see it again my fsvorite was chandra singing that lady has a beautiful voice and loretta did her thing when are you gonna bring the play laugh to keep from crying to the movies thats one that was nice too ,may the good lord bless and keep you in all you do, gladys

Posted 8 years 1 day ago by gladys johnson

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Hey Tyler I just got back from the movie. I laughed so hard I couldn't help myself. That line 1800 choke a hoe oh my. On the other hand you made so many good points and said alot of things that people wanted to say but just didn't have the nerve. Thank you so much for all you do and say. Love you and my prayers are with you!

Posted 8 years 3 days ago by syl

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I have the up most respect for u and I also can relate to everything u have said, Ihave been in the same shoe as u I saw the Oprah show and it took me back into my own pass as a abusechild,but with help and lot's of prayer I am still he. I just want to say to u Tyler I am a big fan and u keep on letting God use u the way that u are be bless and keep on lifting all of us up.

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by susiefuller23

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Dear Mr Perry,I hope and pray that the good LORD is bearing you up during this sorrowful time in your life. It is good that you have your faith in GOD and your works to focus on.I have a story to tell, a screenplay, what I've been developing for a few years. Nearly a year ago I had an horrific accident, and thanks be to GOD, I'm still here. Now I feel an urgency to tell my story. I know you dont take scripts, but hopefully you will hear from my agent when I get one.Please continue to stay strong and to depend on the MOST HIGH, and continue to uplift people with your talents?Remember, your eye has not seen or your ear heard all the good GOD has in store for those who fear him!Take care!

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by Empress

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Hello mr.Perry my name is jamaine patterson I'm just a slim guy who is tryin 2 make his way in business I started my own lil company of house cleaning n tryin 2 make it bigger then just house cleaning I have a few ideas I want 2 bring 2 life...I started writing a book n found my self wanted 2 write others books as well lol..I would like 2 start a community center for the children in my area the same way I grow up having it kept me out or trouble lol...Anyway I was thinking it would be funny if you could do a remake of the wizzard of oz staring madea os dorathy and brown as the lion lol but as a comedy stage play called madea goes to oz lol....and she makes fun of all the things she comes across just being the person she is it wouldn't be hard to find jokes along her way on the yellow brick road to oz lol just a thought...and thank you for helpin me laugh again cause its ben hard 2 smile after my mom past when I was 15 I'm 36 now and because of madea I can real enjoy my life my kids and family so thank you and God bless you..

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by J.Powers

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FOR COLORED GIRLS - Dear Mr. Perry, Last night I was about to go in my bed but passing by the television to turn it off and glancing on the screen, I saw a colored girl, something inside me say do not turn off the tv, so I listened. From the time i sat down to watch the first tear fell, and by the end of the movie, I was sobbing vigorously. This movie did something to me, which I believe was your intention, it made me "THINK". think about my own life, my sisters, my mom, my friends, all of us colored girls have been for years, going through the motions, just existing. This life given to us was not for that purpose, "COLORED GIRLS ARE EXTRAORDINARY", and in realizing this I have decided to live an extraordinary life, "MY LOVE IS TOO PASSIONATE, TO HAVE IT THROWN BACK IN MY FACE". It may not be what I want it to be right now but I will make it what I need it to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fundisha Haynes.

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by fundiness

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good morning mr perry i was wondering when is the next play on its way i wrote on your message board a couple months ago asking about madeas grandmas, we are old and sometimes forgotten, we still have it, and it would be nice to see on the big screen or stage, did you ever put laugh to keep from crying on dvd if so where can i buy itone day i would be honored to meet you in person and just set and talk, i am a big fan of yours , i have follwed you for a long time, i have not missed any plays or movies, wishing you the bestof a happy new year and i know 2011 is gonna rock thanks gladys

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by gladys johnson

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I really love ur movies and plays so does the rest of my family. Ur shows make me laugh and cry. I'm 18 and I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Were all adopted. My mom is 68 yrs old. Are dad pass away when we were young. It was a hard yr for us. It's hard on my mom to do this all by herself. But I really love all ur movies and plays. Their the best movies and plays EVER

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by moriah33

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Dear Tyler Perry: Happy Holidays to you. My name is Yvette and I am a huge fan of yours. I am 58 years young and I came to your board to wish you Happy Holidays but mainly to say how sorry I am for the loss of your Mom... I can only imagine how proud she was of you,any mother would be. You have done great, I too am very proud of you. Keep up the good work and may God Bless You Today And Always. The best to you in 2011. Health, Love, Luck and much Prosperity... I would love to know when you are headed to NYC. Do you have a service that notifies your out of town fans when you are going to be in their state? I do hope so! Blessings Tyler!Yvette

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by caregiver

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Hi Tyler. Madea's Big Happy Family was hilarious. I laughed, I cried, & some parts I was like what???? When that lil fast tail gal wanted that boy to sell drugs so she could open her boutique. Madea did the right thing when she choked the fool out of her:-)But overall I loved the play as usual. Keep up the excellent work and shake the haters off!!!

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by Jessye (female)

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Mr Tyler Perry , I love your movies ,plays and tv shows,but can I ask u a favor ? could u please lower down on the cussing . im 14 yrs old and me and my grand mother love to support u but she said that if u keep cussing like u do were not going to be able to support u and i love to watch your plays and movies we would dearly appreciate if u could lower down on the cussing thank you and god bless u

Posted 8 years 6 months ago by lookatdis

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Tyler I loved the play Madea Big family reunion, All your plays are awsome. I have not missed one but Can you come to Houston Tx more.Texas love you here and we need you..

Posted 8 years 7 months ago by gbn7494

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Tyler i am so happy to hear that you have been cleared of that woman's allegations, come on we all knew someone would attempt to say something such as that your work is genuin and the world knows it, she also knew it i have been following this for quite sometime and i said awhile back that the titles arent even simular come on Lady. Why do we continue to try and hurt our on everytime one of us get's ahead, She needs to read your life and know were you came from, you can't copy something such as this. I am so happy that you didn't stress about this and you knew that God and your fan's had your back.God Bless

Posted 8 years 8 months ago by JadeWright

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I am from Trinidad W.I. a single mom with 2 daughters (19 and 13). Like most of your fans, my girls and I are not just entertained by your productions but we relate to the life reality issues in all of them. We are all born again christians, and I am blown away by how cleverly you have been able to portray Christian principles and values through Madia. I think she's a woman after God's own heart. Experiencing one of your plays live is on our wish list and we hope to make it a reality soon.May God continue to pour into you the things that are relevant to establish His Kingdom here on this Earth. May you continue to be faithful and obedient to his word and calling on your life. May you continue to prosper in all areas of your life while you spread messages of Christianity.....for His name sake....Amen!!Blessings Tyler!!!Neive, Reycine and JasmineDiego MartinTrinidad W.I.

Posted 8 years 9 months ago by Bodyconfident

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I am a true Tyler Perry fan, so much so that I have watched all of my movies and plays so much that two of them I have to skip certain parts of the DVD's because they freeze on me and I cannot return them to the store because I no longer have the receipt. What else can I do? I ENJOY watching ALL of the DVD's I have, the ones that freeze on me are, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, and I Can Do Bad By Myself, both are the movies. Please advise me on what I can do. I would greatly appreciate it.I would like to thank you in advance for just taking the time to read my message, I hope to hear from you telling me what to do because none of my movies are boot-leg.I hope to hear from you soon. I have I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Meet The Browns, Diary of A Mad Black Woman-the movie, Daddy's Little Girls, Madea Goes To Jail, the movie and the play, Why Did I Get Married, the movie and the play. So I guess you can see that I am a true fan, especially since none of them are bootleg plays or movies.I am truly looking forward to hearing from you. Oh, I also went to see the most recent play, Madea's Big Happy Family too and I enjoyed that as well. Thank you, Letitia Lowe

Posted 8 years 10 months ago by llowe1

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Mr Perry,I would like to thank you for the good work.There is nothing touching like a movie that one can really relate to. Mr Perry, keep up the good work. Im not sure if what is happening here in South Africa also happens in America. There are a lot of people here killing either their wives or husbands all in the name of love. I say its all in the name of greed and not loving oneself enough. You have a way of really making people to stop and think about their situations and eventually do something about them. MAy the Lord continue to show who he is through you. Thank you again for the god work,Shiblone

Posted 8 years 11 months ago by shiblone

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Posted 8 years 12 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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Hi Tyler,Your artistic expressions have made you a universal family member to African Americans in contemporary society. I am a family member who respects your viewpoint on issues that speak to modern day societal and sexes realities. However, I do not find that your roster of Hollywood venues offer a perspective on how best to manage my relationship with my daughter who is gay.My daughter is 22-my only child. I turned 50 recently and visions of (grand) motherhood are invading my dreams. My daughter is a college student moving towards a Masters degree (and eventually a Doctorate) and a valued manager with a major corporation. My daughter and I have a mutually respectful and loving relationship. I would appreciate your vantage point on whether I should share my dreams of a grandchild with my daughter.By-the-way, I hope Janet wakes up from a psychotic episode to find the indiscriminant race man holding her hand was just a nightmare. Janet should find a handsome chocolate doctor (psychiatrist) at her bedside in place of the mixed breed man. Really, do you think one year is enough time for a real black woman to heal after the sudden and tragic loss of her husband-especially when she was still dealing with the sudden and tragic loss of a child?Janet should be in a mental institution with a definitively black male psychiatrist (or maybe a female psychiatrist to really add a real life twist) at her clinical bedside providing mental and emotional therapy to her. Janet’s character deserves the care she has provided to others through her writings and lectures. I am laughing to myself at the dynamics that could arise from an encounter between Angela and some real crazies!I am anticipating a reply. I am taking you at your word, from when you were on stage in Kansas City, Missouri. I was impressed when you mentioned you answer your emails. The family complains that I do not answer my emails.Looking forward to hearing from you cuz.

Posted 8 years 12 months ago by KindredSpirit

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Mr. Perry, I seen your play this afternoon on April 25, @ 3:00 pm in Kansas City, Mo. I loved the play it really hit home. I needed to have some laugh in my life becasue I lost my Mother on April 22. We are having her funeral on April 26th. I have taken care of her for the last 7yrs making sure she made it to all of her doctor's appointments. I guess you could say I built my life around taking care of my Mother & I would never trade the last 7 yrs with her for the world. I really understood the things you was saying about making peace with people because life is way to short. I also work in an busy ER so I really know how short life is sometimes. But, I really just wanted to thank you for making me remember how to smile & laugh because I know my hardest days are ahead of me. So thank you very much. Your play was great. Please keep up the good work.

Posted 9 years 14 hours ago by Bellstar

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I received an email at my other email address this morning, A Picture means more that a 1000 words. That message really gave me something to think about. I can't imagine thinking that my mother may be gone a year from today. We have been together for so long, we never had much, but we made the best of what the good Lord gave. Thanks a million time for sending me that message,its going to change the way I treat my dear mother, so I can cherish my beautiful memories of her if she passes over before me. ejackson in Bklyn

Posted 9 years 1 week ago by ecjackson1946

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Mr. Perry, My daughter went to the premier at your studios in Atlanta, I begged her to tell me what happened in the movie, she told me that she had to sign a waiver never to tell about what happened in the movie. I'm so glad that she kepted her promise. That surely would have taken everything away from what I saw on screen yesterday April 13th if she would have told me. Ms. Jackson was magnificant in her portrayal of Patricia. I was sad to see Gavin's demise, but sometime thats what live gives you. Ms. Scott, although she truly loved Troy, she could not treat Mike the way he treated her the whole time they were married, it takes a phenominal women to put that kind of abuse behind her, she played her part very well. Kudos to you Mr. Perry. Can you top this one? Many says yes.ejackson,in Bklyn

Posted 9 years 1 week ago by ecjackson1946

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OMG!!!! I loved this movie. I saw it on Friday on girls night out and again with my husband on Tuesday. I was speechles, but Tyler you didn't have to kill Grant off like that. I enjoyed Janet's performance and she should have smashed stuff a long time ago after the baby died and she would have been better off. The lines "I love your hearbeat" and "I smelled him on you when you walked through the door" sent chills through me. Now that's knowing your woman (or man). This is your best thus far, but I know you will top it.

Posted 9 years 2 weeks ago by Evetrice

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oh my goodness! Tyler this is yours absolute best!!! Ilike all of yours movies this one made me laugh made me cried it was the Bomb MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU!!!

Posted 9 years 2 weeks ago by Christine

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OMG!!!!!!! what can I say you have did t again, I went friday at 1:00 and then again sunday with my sister and my cousin . Tyler I really enjoyed this movie I told everyone they need to go and see this awesome performances in this movie. I laugh, I cried it was very touching movie to watch. Janet did her thing in this movie she put it done. You got to see another side of her. I wasnot aspecting the end to be like that. Are you going to make another part too that I feel like another one is coming. I hope god continue to keep using you the way he is you are a very intelligent and do not let know one tel you any different. With Love your biggest Fan Rosyn McMurray

Posted 9 years 2 weeks ago by roslyn

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Oh my goodness! Tyler this is your absolute best!!! I love all your movies ,but this one tops. It was funny, edge of your seat drama.I give it 10 stars. Sincerely, Dee

Posted 9 years 3 weeks ago by Why did I get M...

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Mr. Perry,My husband, my pastor, her husband, her mother and her godson (which is my son) all went to see Madea's Big Happy Family. I was moved to tears during the hospital scene remembering the same when my father passed just a few years ago only I wasn't as fortunate as your storyline. The day my job decided to give me the time off my dad died the night before. So the play gave me some release in seeing her get her wings and flying home. You're a fantastic vessel of God. I pray God continues to use you to reach the unreachable, love the unloveable, and teach the unteachable through your stage plays. Pray for my son as he goes forth with his 4 play here this weekend (March 5,6 & 7) here in Fresno called Do's and Don'ts. He is 20 years old and God has birth a gift in him and I am thankful he can carry on as I continue with the prison ministry God has imparted into my life. Many blessings to you, your family, your staff and their families.

Posted 9 years 1 month ago by Karen Parker-Bryant

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Hi Tyler perry my wife and I enjoyed the play madea's big happy family in DUVAL COUNTY . Chandra Currelley young played the character shirley her performances was powerful her voice and appearance were spiritual.Tyler it was a incredible play and Cassi Davis as Aunt Ban was funny and hilarious from start to finished THANK YOU TYLER PERRY. PS WE WILL SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES. LARRY AND DEBORAH

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by Jaguars

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My grand daughter is 3 and has been molested by her step-father she is 3 years old. Her mother is in hiding possibly in Georgia. I need your help in finding her. Cobb county is of no help.

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by woman of faith

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I'm more than a fan of your work I'm a living testimony of the power you display in you messages.I wrote you a poem intitled "You Were A Lamp in the darkness on your site that is set up for movie and play reviews.Words can't explain how your testimonies,movies,and plays transformed my life.I appreciate your dedication,vision, and the residue of the messages behind everything that you do.You have inspired me to move past an abusive past and I'm now pursuing my education and my dreams of following in your footsteps.I love you and I thank God for you daily.My name is Kimberly and I'm a living testimony of the power of your work on stage and off.

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by precious jewel

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Mr.perry Mr.perry god has blessed you with a gift that just won't quit and please don't bcuz the world will suffer. I saw Madeas big happy family sat jan 30th at 8 and believe it was my first time seeing it live. Oh yeah believe i am kickin myself in the ass bcuz i had a stomache aching good time. Plus i received a little wisdom on top of it you are the best we love you plus appreciate everything you have to offer. Listen at the show that nite a young woman fanted by my seat and i was a little conserned about her condition. I was in section 205 row l seats 1 2 3 i just wondered if you were aware. Question your show house of payne the twins will be older next season just puttin a buzz in your ear my daughter is 6yrs old very smart beautiful advanced and can play that role. I just do some writtin and have great ideas if your interested. I can relate to the shows meaning bcuz my mom passed away from cancer in oct of 09 boy did that hit home. She was a beautiful woman in and out and is also home with our lord. So just lettin you know how much we love and respect what you do she also wanted to see me succeed. Love you tyler perry and keep your head up black brother.

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by thugpation

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I love all your movies tyler perry, i can watch them over, and over. i have your whole collection in my house. And i just want to say i'm sorry to hear that your mom passed away . May she rest in peace. i have lost my mother to, so i know what you are going throught. May god be with you in your time of greving.

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by ms.twin

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Mr. Perry My name is kimberly im a fan of your work. I writing you asking for help for my friend she is an comedian she has been inspaired by you and your work.She has done a couple shows and is really good.She has been to explored talent they asked for fee and she doesn,t have the money.We live in rosenberg texas in a small town no one comes to discover the talent here.It would an blessing if you would show up at her door that would be an dream come true for her. MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU. THANK YOU KIMBERLY

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by Chyna B

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Greeting Man Of GodI'm always amaze at the comments of most people looking to become that next star or to get a chance at one of your plays or movies. They have no clue no insight about what it takes to be in the media, once your recognized life is over as a regular human being. It enough to deal with daily drama but to see it in the movies and be able to relate to the story line and to be ministered to in the process is what this world needs. I personally can't wait until the day that the Kingdom of God take over media,entertainment,government ,education,religon,family, the voice of God need to be hurdle into the earth. Your movies are a path to enter this destination. When I saw I can do bad all by myself it ministered tremendously to me and the following week I came home from work on my husband's birthday and he had pack and left without a word or warning that anything was wrong in our marriage. So to see the type of movies you produce help many understand how to not get thrown off from drastic challenges and to go on with life and God. You help our focus not to waiver and to know God has and agenda and plan for our lives. I applaude you and ask that you would continue standing for righteousness in your story lines

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by Intercessor

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Hey tyler its been a while since i've written you.I have been going all kinds of changes in life.It's making me stronger.I have been waiting for your.I went see it when it came out.And everyone in the theater was crying,laughing and very moved.Most of all the were into the movie they like myself wanted to get the messsage.And trust me we did.You are a Treasury to us.Whateverer you have been through it has prepared you for your life now and forever.I have been trying to go to Atlanta to audition in your movie or plays.Even the sitcome with Brown,House of Payne.I am just waiting because i sent you my picture and my son picture he is 8yrs. old.We want so bad to be in your movie.I pray everyday.My Faith is begin tested now i get weak but i know i could never give up.I hope your had a wonderful Birthday.you are really doing great things.People can't get enough of you. we want to know more about you.i can't always get to a computer like i want to.But oneday things will get better.I just wish i could have a chance to work with you.Oneday!Well goota go know your busy take care Tyler!And we love you to in Lousiana

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by Ms.Shanna

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Tyler Perry, YOU HAVE OUT DONE yourself!!! We saw "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" is The best. Of course, we love all of your plays and movies, but this one, it is really hard to find the words. God's eternal blessings our brother. Greetings to you from Kansas

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by adapotato

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Good morning tyler i am listening to you on the tom joyner morning show me and my wife and son are going o see i can do bad by myself today.I have enjoyed all of your movies that you have made so far.Your movies has inspired me to move on inspite of life challenges and struggles that i am faced with each and every day of my life.Thank you and may God cotinually bless you. LAMBERT

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by blake11

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Hello Tyler, This is in response to your posting on my email 8/19/09. I find you are well definded in the strength of being a strong black man who fears the Almightly and respects his mother. As I read your message I was truely moved. Maxine is blessed to have youa nd you are tremendously blessed to have her. Praise God that he is the source of her strength. I don't know exactly what's going on with her and I don't mean to get in your business. I am a Hospice Nurse and was concerned with the fact that you said she was in pain and she does not complain. I don't known if your Mother has an acute illness that will pass soon or a chronic and or terminal situation that will require alot more time and care. In either case I am lead to share with you this information. Alot of times people think of Hospice as being a place where people just go to die a quick deaf. Hospice is about life and the the Patient and Family as a whole. People come in with all kinds of illnesses. No one is judged, just cared for. I sent you a poem that I wrote to lift your spirits to your studio a few weeks ago entitled, "A Place Where Dreams Believe." I am lead to send you this one: "St. John Baptist/Hospice Buffalo House"St. John Baptist/Hospice Buffalo HouseStarted with a dream of the late Rev. Bennett W. Smith.Rev. Chapman kept it alive and did not let it go amiss.A place for love and care in the inner city.To fit the need of many.Few people realize the need of such a place. Where people live and die with dignity regardless of race.There's a myth that you have to be close to the end. However, once a need is met then the care can begin. We would like to meet you and your family.As we count it a priceless opportunity.St. John Bapti/Hospice Buffalo HouseA place to care for the ill, so spread the news.we would like to be a help to you.St. John Baptist/Hospice Buffalo House.A beautiful place satisfying the eyes and heart. .... I will try and forward you the rest of this because the Library is about to close and for some reason, I'm only able to email you, in which I don't get much replys. With that said I will pray for your mother and please fill free to email when you have a chance. God bless. Your Sister in Christ.

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by missmolly

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i love movies and plays i would like some avice how to write and takeit on why you did'nt make a movie off class reunion and will cherl pepsi riley play in one of your movie. thank you loretta have a very bless day.

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by loretta jones

loretta jones's picture

I know that you get a lot of people telling you how much they love your shows... I do too but what I am comforted by most; is the fact that you are a man of God and that no matter what happened you kept pressing on. That is what I admire most about you. My name is Alaira and I reside in Guyana (it is on the South American continent but a part of the Caribbean also). I aspire to be a lawyer (and no! not the ones that just take peoples' money and bill them for every cent they have) but it's a dream I've had ever since I was a young girl. Most of all I really need to become this attorney because my family needs a lot of help. I know that God hears and answers prayers but I have sent out so many applications in my Country for sponsorship so that I can do the other leg of my studies in Trinidad at the Hugh Wooding Law School, but to no avail. It has been two years since I did the first set of courses (LLB) but now I really need to get the certificate that allows me to practice in my country.I really need help. I spoke to one of my sisters from my local church and she suggested that I speak to you. I know we are thousands of miles away but I am exercising faith that you will help me. I hope that you will respond so that I will know things are happening. (Once it is God's will)Yours sincerely,Alaira.

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by Alaira M

Alaira M's picture

God has led me to your site.I write spiritual poetry and I now that you will be interested in the work that God has led me to do. I'm trying to get my poetry off the ground and I ask God to lead me on to follow through with it.Please email me back at sharona.franks@att.net,I would love to share his work with you, I believe that God is dealing with you in your work too.You are an amazing man, to accept God's will for your life. Your work inspires me not to give up on the will he has for my life.Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You Sharona Franks

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by Sharona Franks

Sharona Franks's picture

Hi Mr. Perry, I am truly honored to be able to post on your message board, the reason is, I have been watching meet the brown and i tell you its been truly a joy tp be able to laugh again. Thank you Mr. Perry for clean shows were as the bad language is not present, thank you for a show that i can enjoy without having to turn the show off in the middle of it, thank you for you testimony, because i to was homeless and God open the door for me to leave California and I am now residing in Stock bridge Ga. Mr. Perry its hard raising boys and making sure they don't end up in a gang. Thank you for your inspiration you have given me because i just wanted to kill my self when i couldn't provide for my kids. All i can say is thank you thank you for being you...I have not been able to see Madea goes to jail as of yet i will have to wait till it comes out on DVD..I promise you i won't buy bootleg either i will get it the legal way. I turly thank God for youGod bless you always HisPriness

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by HisPriness

HisPriness's picture

hi mr perry im sureyou know me by now i always write you. my uncle and i pickes david mann and tamela mann up from the airport. i told them to tell you i wanna act with you.im your biggest fan.but what i wanna ask you is can you make an i can do bad all by myself the movie?

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by rickey hoke

rickey hoke's picture

Praise the Lord! Tyler Perry, I love your movies...! Tyler I received your testamony it was right on time for me!I was so encouraged by it! I have tried and tried and tried!through your testamony it renewed my strenghth gave me hope to press on regardless of how long it takes,I must press on and keep the Faith and know that God will bring it to pass! Habakkuk 2:2-3.Tyler I know that you do your homework before airing your shows it's so real (real life issues)Tyler keep your hand's in God's hand and know that everything will be alright!I had to pass your testamony to alot of my friends and I received a call and she said "IT WAS RIGHT ON TIME"! I will alway's keep you in my prayers! remember to alway's stay humble and let God guide you in all that you do! we Love you Tyler Perry!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by my name is VICTORY

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Hello Mr Perry Just wanted you to know that we love you. You are such a great inspiration for all of us, because you keep it real, in what ever you do. Please stay humble and stay focus on God and he will continue to direct your path. PS please don't ever take Madea away from us. Let Madea do an exercise video for us we would definitely buy it, that would be so cool

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by wil

wil's picture

Mr. Perry, I love your spirit and your work. Your life story has really motivated me to complete high school and pursue a higher education in Social Work, Mental Health and Music Education. I am a 19 year old believer in God,in my second semester of college and very talented. I am seeking advice, support and encouragement from prominent people in the community. Usually I write these people in business and I never get a response. It depresses me when I keep hearing stay in school and be successful and there is no support for teens like me. However I would like to invite you to my webpage www.myspace.com/janellechantelle I am a singer/songwriter,model and would like to get into acting. Already I have registered my business with the State of Florida; MagnifiQue Entertainment. Can you give me some ideas as to how to bring my dream to reality please? Janelle AKA J'Nelle

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by J'Nelle

J'Nelle's picture

Mr. Perry, I must say you are one of the great ones, I love everything you do, and I'm truly one of your beloved fans. I love the way you keep it real, your humble ways just give my heart a lift.I know that you have lot of haters that dislike you because of your success, but that is the devil at work and you can't keep a good man down, these are your blessing and no one can take them away from you, only you can stop your own blessing. I do ask one thing of you, DON'T FORGET TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by Blessed one

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Hello Mr. Perry, Your life story has touched me so. See, I too was homeless at a point and time except with three young children. What kept me going was GOD and the fact that my children didn't stop believing in their mother. Just knowing that my three daughters want to be just like me when they grow up touched my heart. Every time I think that I have failed my children god shows me that I have not. When my husband left us we had nothing. All we had was our clothes and a black ford explorer. I was ashamed at first and wouldn't tell any my story, but now that I see I am a living testamony, I praise god and don't mind telling anybody where I came from. So, thank you for inspiring me and just letting me know that change will come as long as I have faith and the strength to keep pushing.

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by Lesha & Kids

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Posted 11 years 1 month ago by HoneyBrown

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