Ravenswood, ABC’s spinoff of the smash hit Pretty Little Liars, kicks off its debut season tonight. Apparently, even those, who would hesitate to call themselves fans of the original teen crime show, might find something of interest in Ravenswood. The new series focuses of a small Pennsylvania town, plagued by an ancient curse. In case you’re curious how this new paranormal plot will tie in with PLL’s Rosewood story arc, Liars star Tyler Blackburn explained in a recent interview with E!News all about his character and the plot of the new series.

Tyler Blackburn, Paley Center
After four seasons in the supporting role, Tyler is moving on to star in Ravenswood.

Although it’s a spinoff, Ravenswood isn’t at all connected to the Rosewood story, except for Caleb’s (Blackburn) involvement. Caleb (aka Hanna Marin’s boyfriend in the PLL universe) has never had a real family. It’s only natural that when he discovers he may have some distant relatives in Ravenswood, he’ll do anything to hunt down the family history and get answers to his many questions.

Ashley Benson, LA
Tyler plays Hannah's (Ashley Benson) boyfriend on PLL.

“This show rivals some of the top notch psychological thrillers,” Blackburn says in his E! Interview. “Some of the scripts have been surprisingly eerie, I think they’ve had to tweak some scenes, because they’re a little too scary for the network. But I love that, it’s pushing the boundaries.”

As for the fate of Haleb (Hanna and Caleb’s unfortunate couple name) the actor remained mum on the subject. He did drop some not-so-subtle hints though, so maybe Haleb shippers should brace themselves for upcoming changes.

Tyler Blackburn, Macy's NYC
That might be about to change soon.