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Two Wounded Birds, Two Wounded Birds Album Review

The first time we set eyes on Two Wounded Birds, they'd just opened for The Drums at Nottingham's Rock City so it comes as little surprise that the aforementioned band's Jacob Graham promptly signed them to his Holiday Friends Recording Company label. Graham and co. certainly deserve to take their share of the credit for exposing the Margate four-piece to a wider audience, although one suspects that, given time, Two Wounded Birds would have ploughed their way through regardless. It's all about the songs, see, and as they demonstrate so effortlessly from beginning to end of their self-titled debut, Two Wounded Birds have a knack of being able to churn them out by the bucket load.

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Two Wounded Birds, Interview

Interview with Two Wounded Birds

Alright, so apart from being the subject of an age old song by loveable cockneys Chas & Dave and the setting for Dreamland amusement park before the likes of Alton Towers and Drayton Manor became household names, what else has the seaside town of Margate had to shout about in recent years? Very little until now, the word "shout" being rather operative in this instance.

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