Review of Showbiz Shotguns EP by Two Lone Swordsmen

Two Lone Swordsmen

Two Lone Swordsmen- Showbiz Shotguns - EP Review

Two Lone Swordsmen

Showbiz Shotguns

Two Lone Swordsmen have been in the trip hop progressive scene for some time now. ‘Showbiz Shotguns’ continues to provide a journey into the break beat experimental realms using samplers and modern technology to create quite a dark and sinister track. That’s mainly due to the lyrics that show angst, frustration and portray the grim reality of how we are controlled. The lyrics are delivered in a spoken way with a lot of personality and attitude. This is given a definite edge

Two Lone Swordsmen - Showbiz Shotguns - EP Review

by the music that is atmospheric and snappy due to the snares and has a lot of punch in the driving synthesisers. It makes for a solid musical experience that has balls and is thought provoking. ‘Feast’ is similar and the instrumental of this track has a really heavy groove to it. A good buy if you’re not looking for something too out there or if you’re into progressive break beat music.

Tareck Ghoneim