Review of Two Fingers Album by Two Fingers

Review of Two Fingers' self-titled album featuring Sway.

Two Fingers Two Fingers Album

Two Fingers is the combination of the incredibly talented and acclaimed producers Amon Tobin and Doubleclick featuring the talented UK MC Sway as well as other featured vocalists Ms. Jade, Ce'Cile, Durrty Goodz and Kevin Tuffy. As you'd expect with this collaboration of artists we were going to get something special and cutting edge and believe me you wont be disappointed. Released on Big Dadda this is a great addition to a flourishing and well respected growing label.

It's no surprise that the production on this album is genuinely heavyweight and I guess that's obvious due to the likes of Tobin and Doubleclick in the room. There not trying to be like anything else or sell to the masses this is a project that is pushing the boundaries of contemporary production and experimenting with sounds to make something new. That has to be respected and for me is totally refreshing. Using Sway was a good move as he's a true innovator too and his MC flow compliments the music really well. All the featured artists show genuine skills and the combination displays a slick vibe that is totally cool.

The music is outstanding. There's no bad track on this album. All have a unique flavour and hip mystique that can't help but make you feel your listening to quality. I appreciate for some it might be a bit too progressive. It's certainly not pop music or mass market urban soul, it's original music made to fuse, experiment and express. I really liked 'What You Know' when it was released last year and still sounds boss. 'Bad Girl' featuring Ce'Cile is an awesome track that has genius production and really shows the fusion between middle eastern rhythms and UK grime with sassy vocals, truly the way forward. There some great purely musical tracks too with 'Keman Rhythm' and 'Moth Rhythm' showing true mastery. Heavy!

This is a serious album. It's completely contemporary, totally progressive and seriously well put together. In fact its so refreshing to hear something absolutely innovative that cant be defined as any particular category yet explores a plethora of new sounds and world influences all in the street sense. Compelling!

Tareck Ghoneim

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