Review of We Are Us Single by Twisted Wheel

Review of Twisted Wheel's single We Are Us.

Twisted Wheel We Are Us Single

Being Oasis's next endorsement must be a daunting prospect. After all, Big Brother's Little Brothers haven't always fared so well (see Proud Mary, Shack, Hurricane #1 et al). Part of the problem with being in the band's corner is that they only seem to give kudos to bands that imitate them, and as not even Oasis 'do' Oasis properly these days; runaway success may not be a sure thing. Twisted Wheel have been described by Liam Gallagher as a 'breath of fresh air' which, in light of this point, maybe should have been 'recycled air.' But either way they are set to support the band on their summer 2009 tour, and are making the rounds with The Enemy at present - no great surprises there then.

Having said this, 'We Are Us' isn't too bad. Of course it owes a lot to the British rock n roll tradition, and borrows the swaggerings of all of the usual suspects, Oasis and The Libertines included. But the band knows the value of a sing-along chorus, and though 'We Are Us' isn't anything new, it's catchy. With their album is due out soon only time will tell if Twisted Wheel are destined to go anywhere bigger, as it is 'We Are Us' pretty much straddles the fence.

Natalie Kaye

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