Trick Daddy has launched a scathing attack on Rick Ross - after he mocked the rapper's health problems in a recent song.
Trick Daddy - real name Maurice Young - has been fighting autoimmune disease Lupus for the last 12 years and his health hit the headlines again when Ross released his Deeper Than Rap album in April (09).
The record features a song, titled Valley of Death, which pokes fun at Young's medical condition.
And Young admits he was offended by Ross' lyrics, comparing his rap rival to a small child who needs discipline.
He says, "I'd like to apologise for my kid's misbehaving in class and on the radio and in the concerts.
"I was a big Ross fan. If you check all my interviews, the web, radio - I never dissed him. I always told people I like Ross. I supported him. I got new rules. I'm going back to the old ass-whoopin' days. I'm gonna start beating my kid's ass."