The I'm a Thug star, real name Maurice Young, filed for bankruptcy in August (15), claiming he had amassed $645,000 (£445,000) in debt and only had $430,000 (£297,000) in assets.

In his Chapter 11 court filing, the Florida native revealed he owed $290,000 (£200,000) in back taxes to America's Internal Revenue Service, $280,000 (£193,200) for his first mortgage, and over $57,000 (£39,300) in unpaid child support to the mothers of his two kids.

Young worked out a plan in November (15) to pay $10,275 (£7,100) for the next four years and owed $120,000 (£82,800) on the mortgage and $37,000 (£25,500) in back taxes.

However, in December (15), the bankruptcy trustee requested to have the lawsuit dismissed because the payment plan did not meet the standards of the court. According to, the trustee took issue with the amount the rapper had agreed to pay towards the mortgage because it did not cover the amount owed.

The bankruptcy was dismissed in December and in January (16), bank bosses at JP Morgan Chase asked a judge to allow them to proceed with the foreclosure. A trial date is set for next month (Mar16).