NINE INCH NAILS star Trent Reznor reveals he's lucky to be alive after heading towards suicide four years ago.

The goth rocker admits he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he turned a funeral parlour into a live-in recording studio, to die after falling into a heavy depression.

He says, "I was going to just drink myself or drug myself out of it... I'd pretty much lost my soul. I just felt like nothing.

"It was unquestionably the worst thing ever - just lying all the time about everything. I was in terrible physical shape too."

It took the death of a close friend to give Reznor the strength and purpose he needed to climb out of his depression.

He adds, "Someone had executed him; shot him in the head in the projects (of New Orleans). I was so f**ked up I couldn't go to the funeral.

"That seemed to be what it took for me to say, 'Not for me, for him.'"

Reznor, 39, checked into rehab, adding, "I remember thinking how thankful I was that I wasn't married or in a relationship that had to refigure itself out."

29/04/2005 02:48