Tracy Morgan is showing signs of improvement following the car accident he was involved in last weekend.

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan is showing signs of improvement.

The comedian and 30 Rock star was on his way back to New York on Saturday (7th June) following a concert in Delaware when a truck driver drove into the back of his limousine. The collision involved six cars and one man, James McNair, tragically lost his life. Morgan was rushed to hospital and has remained at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey ever since. 

Fortunately, Morgan is showing signs of improvement, as The Huffington Post reports. A spokesperson, Lewis Kay, on behalf of his family said the hospital staff are "Optimistic that his recovery is progressing." Kay also added, speaking yesterday (12th June), "Today was a better day."

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Tracy Morgan
Megan Wollover is with Tracy Morgan whilst he recovers in hospital.

Morgan's family is with him including his fiancé, Megan Wollover. The couple have a daughter together who is less than a year old. The spokesperson said Wollover remained by his side and was ensuring the messages from well wishes were being passed on. 

The other two passengers who were injured in the accident are also improving. Comedians Jeffrey Millea and Ardie Fuqua Jr. were injured in the accident and remain hospitalised. A third passenger, Harris Stanton, was also involved but was released from hospital on Saturday. Millea's wife spoke to the Huffington Post and said her husband "has also shown much improvement over the past few days." 

The driver of the truck, a Georgia man named Kevin Roper, was arrested shortly after the crash. Roper has been charged with numerous offences including one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. 35-year-old Roper appeared in court on Wednesday (11th June) and pleaded not guilty to all counts, according to NBC. He was released from custody on the same after posting $50 000 bail. 

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Tracy Morgan
The couple had their first child last year.