Now that Tracy Morgan is slowly recovering, the car crash that sent him to the ER with a number of severe injuries is sparking a wider debate about traffic safety. The loved ones of another crash victim on the New Jersey turnpike have spoken out about the dangerous roadway this week.

 Tracy Morgan
Morgan is recovering slowly, but other victims of the Turnpike have not been as lucky.

Mary Visconti is the mother of John Visconti III, who was killed on the Turnpike just three months ago. Following the crash, which injured Jordan along with six other people and claimed one man’s life, Visconti had this to say for TMZ. "How many people have to die on the Turnpike before something is done? It is ridiculous."

Speaking to the gossip website, Mary says her son was driving an 18-wheeler when he swerved to avoid a much slower vehicle on the highway. He was killed when his truck overturned and caught fire.

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Tracy Morgan
There is currently no plan to introduce new traffic regulations on the turnpike, says traffic authority.

Over the past couple of days it’s emerged that the driver in Morgan’s crash dozed off on the wheel, Mary thinks the problem to focus on is out-of-control speeding on the Turnpike. She thinks the solution would be to lower the speed limit from 65 to 55. However, according to a Turnpike Authority Manager, there are no plans to change the traffic regulations at this time. 

As for the actor, he an his family have been receiving messages of support, as he reportedly remains in critical condition.