The Walmart truck driver charged with assault and death following the Tracy Morgan crash has plead not guilty on all counts in Wednesday’s trial. Afte r his day in court, Kevin Roper was arraigned and then released on a $50 000 bail.

In a criminal complaint, Roper was accused of reckless driving, following a 24-hour period without sleep. When his truck drove into the limo bus, carrying Morgan and several other comedians, the 30 Rock star and two others were injured and Morgan’s mentor, James McNair, was killed.

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Roper is believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel after a prolonged period without sleep, causing a six-car pileup on the dangerous and traffic-heavy New Jersey Turnpike. According to NBC News, a Walmart spokesman has said the company believes Roper "was operating within the federal hours of service regulations."

Tracy Morgan
Morgan's condition is stable, but the comedian has a long recovery ahead.

Said regulations determine that truck drivers are not to spend over 11 consecutive hours on the road during a 14-hour workday, while a driver’s work week must be limited to 70 hour or less, bar the necessary breaks. Drivers, who feel tired or sleepy are required to pull over and rest.