Review of Beacons Of Ancestorship Album by Tortoise

Review of Tortoise's album Beacons Of Ancestorship.

Tortoise Beacons Of Ancestorship Album

Chicago based five-piece Tortoise have been fusing elements of electronica and rock (in it's broadest possible sense) successfully for almost 20 years. Not content with such a feat, they've managed to do it whilst inspiring many others along the way. New record Beacons Of Ancestorship shows no signs that the band is about to halt the habit of a lifetime.cue the unconventional/diverse song structures, groovy rhythms, chiming guitars, spacey synthesis, occasional percussion and a mixture of electro beats and live drums.

Highlights include the shifting arrangements and intensity created in 'High Class Slim Came Floatin', the terrific acidic bassline and rolling percussion in 'Northern Something', the dark textures of 'Gigantes' and the punky overdriven undertones of 'Yinxianghechengqi'. And whilst there are a couple of less inspiring numbers, on the whole its good news for Tortoise fans.

As you might expect from a band with such a vast catalogue, Beacons Of Ancestorship might not be Tortoise's best work to date, but it's still a playful, fascinating and credible addition to the bands discography. Very good.

Colin Burrill

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