Tori Spelling has apparently made a sex tape, and she may be considering selling it off to the highest bidder, who could spend millions in securing the possession of the x-rated tape. The actress, who has been in the news recently due to the possible deterioration of her once substantial wealth, hinted that she filmed herself having sex with her husband Dean McDermott on Valentines Day 2009 in her new book, and since then the offers have been piling up.

Tori Spelling
Spelling apparently has a video of herself doing the nasty

According to TMZ, the head of Vivid Entertainment - the same company that secured the rights to the Farrah Abrahams porno - Steve Hirsch is very keen on securing the rights to the tape and is ready to make Tori a "substantial offer," providing it does exist. Hirsch wrote a letter to Tori outlining his desire to distribute the video of her having sex to a wide audience, and may be willing to offer a huge amount, possibly in the millions, for the tape. That's if it is real of course.

"This is a serious offer for a real tape and it could yield significant returns to help you through your difficult financial situation," Hirsch is quoted as writing to the former Beverley Hills 90210 star. But before Hirsch is ready to hand over any cash, first he wants proof that it does exist, proof that comes in the shape of a preview clip.

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott
How interested would you be in seeing these two naked and sweaty?

In her recently published book, Spelling It Like It Is, Tori claims that she and her husband made the tape on Valentines Day 2009 and had a copy of it stolen by one of Dean's friends from their home computer. Apparently, neither Tori nor Dean heard from the guy again, but now that the deets about her sex life are out there, Hirsch wants to be involved.

No word on whether Tori is taking the offer in to consideration, but Hirsch insists that the offer is a mouth-watering one, and one that is unequal to any offer given out by the company for any other 'celebrity' sex tapes. Considering Farrah Abraham was given close to $1 million for her tape, Spelling could break the $1 mil. mark for her own video.

Tori Spelling long
Spelling hasn't publicly responded to the offers