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Al Pacino and Tony Montana - Can you guess which celebrity made each particular eyepiece famous? - Wednesday 19th June 2013

Al Pacino and Tony Montana

New Scarface Movie In Development

Scarface Al Pacino Brian De Palma Martin Bregman Michelle Pfeiffer Steven Bauer Tony Montana

A new 'Scarface' movie is being developed.

Universal Pictures has been meeting with writers to prepare a script for the project, first released in 1932 before the 1983 version starring Al Pacino as gangster Tony Montana, a Cuban man who takes over the drugs trade in Miami.

The film will not be a remake or a sequel, but will maintain some of the elements made popular in the first two, included an immigrant seeking a twisted version of the American dream.

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Vergara Calls On Pacino To Play Her Tv Dad

Sofia Vergara Al Pacino Scarface Tony Montana

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara wants Al Pacino to recreate his tough-talking Scarface character Tony Montana and play her father on U.S. comedy hit MODERN FAMILY.

The sexy Latina is keen to revisit her character Gloria's native country with her TV family in a future episode - and Pacino is at the top of her wish list to play the role of her over-protective father.

She says, "In some other season we should go to Cartagena and meet Gloria's family in Colombia.

"I was telling them (producers) that they need to put Al Pacino like my father (sic), talking like Tony Montana... He should be Gloria's father."

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Jay-z's Caribbean Birthday

Beyonce Knowles Alicia Keys Kanye West Kate Hudson Mary J Blige Ne-Yo Oprah Winfrey Tony Montana

Jay-Z refused to spare any expense for his 40th birthday celebrations.

The rapper and wife Beyonce Knowles flew their closest friends - including Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Kate Hudson and Ne-Yo - out to the Dominican Republic, paying for their private jet travel and luxury suites themselves.

The bash, held last Friday (04.12.09), had a 'Scarface' theme, with the venue decked out like the home of Tony Montana, and partygoers were treated to Dom Perignon champagne and caviar.

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Brown Mirrored Scarface Character

Bobby Brown Al Pacino Scarface Tony Montana MTV

R+B star Bobby Brown snorted so much cocaine he thought he was Al Pacino's legendary Scarface movie character Tony Montana.

The singer, who divorced Whitney Houston in 2007 after 15 years of marriage, has fought a widely-publicised battle against drugs.

And he admits that at the height of his habit, he mirrored the Scarface anti-hero - who snorts mountains of cocaine on his office desk and has the motto "The World Is Yours".

Brown tells, "I had a desk like Scarface's in my room, and I kept (cocaine) piled up on it. Every time I walked past my desk, I'd make a line of coke from one end to the other.

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Brando's Corleone Tops Screen Gangster Poll

Marlon Brando The Godfather Al Pacino Tony Montana Scarface Robert De Niro The Untouchables Samuel L Jackson Pulp Fiction Joe Pesci

Marlon Brando's portrayal as DON VITO CORLEONE in screen classic The Godfather has been voted the UK's favourite screen gangster.
Brando's performance in the 1972 movie beat out competition from Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in Scarface.
Robert De Niro's turn as AL CAPONE in The Untouchables came third in the poll by Universal Pictures UK.
The Top Five Favourite Screen Gangsters are:
4. JULES WINNFIELD (Samuel L Jackson) - Pulp Fiction (1994)
5. NICKY SANTORO (Joe Pesci) - CASINO (1995).

Overnight Review

Very Good
Call it an artifact of the go-go '90s, the last vestige of the overnight success syndrome that plagued that time period - where everybody seemed to think that if they could hit that one thing, be it a website, movie idea, or whatnot, then they could retire young - or simply another documentary about how horrendously wrong things can go, Overnight is good fun for anybody who enjoys watching massive egos self-destruct. Here, the massive ego in question is Troy Duffy, a Bostonian with more energy and chutzpah than common sense who moved out to La-La-Land in 1994 with ideas about trying to make it in show business. Troy worked as a bartender at a West Hollywood dive called J. Sloan's while he worked on his screenplay and practiced with his band, The Brood, which also included his brother Taylor. By 1996, when the film begins, Troy has somehow managed to get signed with the William Morris Agency and finesse a deal with Harvey Weinstein, whereby he would direct his own script for Miramax. It was a stunning piece of instant indie film folklore, given the gala treatment everywhere from The Hollywood Reporter to USA Today, who gave the impression that Troy could be the next Kevin Smith. Harvey even offered to buy J. Sloan's and run it with Troy as part of the deal. Since you've likely never heard of the guy, and this isn't a Christopher Guest production, it's pretty obvious that things went drastically wrong. Fortunately, a couple of Troy's cohorts, Mark Brian Smith and Tony Montana, were there to film it, even though they thought they would be chronicling the rise of a great new talent.

For a time, Troy's script, called The Boondock Saints, was a pretty hot property, and so early on we see everyone from John Goodman to Mark Wahlberg holding court with Troy. He's got a preliminary budget of $15 million dollars, stars nipping at his heels, and all his buddies working alongside him (having given themselves the hubristic moniker "The Syndicate"), so it's not a shock that the guy gets a swelled head. But it's also not hard to see how Troy was able to piss off so many people in so short a time, because as impressed as everyone else is with his Horatio Alger-esque rise to fame, he is triply impressed with it. From behind a wall of cigarette smoke, Troy pontificates endlessly to anybody in the room with him about his sheer awesomeness and how everybody in the Hollywood establishment - being as he views himself as the hard-knock-life, blue-collar kid busting into their rarified world - is supposedly so floored by his abilities and successes.

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Overnight Review


Like watching a train wreck in slow motion while an ignorant, arrogant engineer shovels more coal onto the fire, "Overnight" is a cautionary tale about the fickle nature of showbiz in which the victim is his own worst enemy. A documentary following the rapidly self-destructing, stalled-rocket career of Troy Duffy, a Boston bartender/bouncer who on a fluke landed a sweetheart writing-directing deal with Miramax Films in 1997, the film would be painful to watch if its subject weren't such an insufferable lunkheaded egomaniac.

The kind of boastful, booze-pounding tough guy who might get in bar fights for fun, Duffy sold Miramax's Harvey Weinstein on his vigilante-with-a-heart script called "The Boondock Saints," and was paid $300,000 up front. Then he was given a $15 million budget for the movie, on which he would have casting approval and final cut -- two creative controls Miramax rarely grants even to established cinematic geniuses. But as his friends film every moment for what Duffy clearly thinks will be a rise-to-glory making-of about his film and the illustrious career to come, this flash-in-the-pan refuses all advice and begins alienating powerful Hollywood players, burning bridges left and right.

Within weeks, no one at Miramax will take his calls. Over the next three years, Duffy clings desperately to his inflated sense of self-importance. "We have a deep cesspool of creativity here," insists the badly-in-need-of-a-dictionary wannabe filmmaker, whose self-proclaimed talent and vision are quite simply never on display. As for Miramax, "they're gonna pay dearly for saying no to us," Duffy barks, habitually swearing up a storm.

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Pacino Saved From Scarface Insanity

Al Pacino Scarface Tony Montana

Actor Al Pacino credits a former girlfriend with keeping his sanity intact during the making of violent gangster epic Scarface in 1983.

The screen veteran was so tormented playing Cuban refugee Tony Montana in the big screen drama, he depended on the love of his life to restore his mood to a happy state at the end of his working day.

He says, "I'll tell you something. And this is a fact. When I was doing Scarface, I remember being in love at that time. One of the few times in my life.

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Scarface Montana Tops Badass Poll

Scarface Tony Montana Terminator Bruce Lee Al Pacino Enter the Dragon Gangs of New York Dirty Harry Mad Max Paul Kersey Death Wish JOHN SHAFT

Scarface anti-hero Tony Montana has topped a new list of movie tough guys and girls - beating off Terminator heroine SARAH CONNOR and Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON action man.

Al Pacino's cult mobster character Montana rules the new MAXIM Biggest Movie Badasses poll because, "he murders his way to a green card, survives a chainsaw attack, whacks his boss so he can f**k the guy's old lady, snorts coke like he's breathing air..."

The Maxim top 10 is:

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P Diddy, Snoop And Eve Cause Scarface Reissue

Scarface Snoop Dogg Eve Al Pacino Tony Montana Martin Bregman Michelle Pfeiffer Brian De Palma Def Jam

The re-release of ultraviolent flick Scarface in American cinemas this month (SEP03) is thanks to the influence of urban music stars Snoop Dogg, SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and Eve.

The hip-hop heroes were recently filmed paying tribute to the film and, in particular, to Al Pacino's wildman character Tony Montana.

And, according to American website PAGE SIX, producer Martin Bregman is delighted, because he's always wanted to reissue the 1983 movie, which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and was directed by Brian De Palma.

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Tony Montana

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Overnight Movie Review

Overnight Movie Review

Like watching a train wreck in slow motion while an ignorant, arrogant engineer shovels more...

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