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Detachment Trailer

Henry Barthes is a highly recommended substitute teacher, a compliment he doesn't really accept. His latest job is subbing at an inner city high school for a month, where exam grades are slipping; the pupils are unruly and the head teacher is under fire for the decline in standards there.

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Sharon Stone Joins Erotic Thriller Attachment

Sharon Stone Adam Krentzman Amanda Seyfried Basic Instinct Berlin Brad Epstein Demi Moore James Franco Linda Lovelace Sarah Jessica Parker The Script Tony Kaye

Sharon Stone is set to star erotic thriller 'Attachment'.

The 'Basic Instinct' actress will star as a married woman who has a one-night stand with a student in the movie, which is being directed by Tony Kaye.

Christopher Denham has written The Script for the picture, which develops when the boy she slept with begins dating her daughter.

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Sharon Stone To Play Cheating Wife In New Sex Thriller

Sharon Stone Tony Kaye

Sharon Stone is returning to familiar film territory as a married woman who seduces a student in controversial director Tony Kaye's new movie.

The actress, who vamped it up on screen as Catherine Tramell in both Basic Instinct movies, will lead the cast of Attachment.

In the film, a one-night stand comes back to haunt her when the object of her affections becomes her daughter's boyfriend.

The film will start shooting in April (12), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival - Premiere Of 'Detachment' - Arrivals

Tony Kaye - Yan Lin Kaye and Tony Kaye Monday 25th April 2011 at Tribeca Film Festival New York City, USA

Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye

Yes & Toto Stars Team Up For Yoso Project

Toto Yes Tony Kaye

Toto frontman BOBBY KIMBALL and Yes stars BILLY SHERWOOD and Tony Kaye have formed a new rock supergroup, called YOSO.

The trio's first album, Elements, will be released next week (02Jul10) in Europe and later in the month (Jul10) in America.

Sherwood tells WENN, "YOSO was started when I suggested to Bobby Kimball we should write some new music and form a band.

"We had been working together on various tribute projects that I was producing and one thing lead to another. Before too long we had five songs in the can and were well on our way to making a record. That is when we started thinking seriously about taking it to the next level. Once there was a few songs underway the concept grew into the band we now have."

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2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards At The Santa Monica Pier - Arrivals

Tony Kaye and Shanghai - Tony Kaye and Shanghai Saturday 23rd February 2008 at Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica, California

Tony Kaye and Shanghai

IFC Party Celebrating The '2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards' - Arrivals

Tony Kaye and daughter Shanghai - Tony Kaye and daughter Shanghai Saturday 23rd February 2008 at Independent Spirit Awards Santa Monica, California

Tony Kaye and Daughter Shanghai
Tony Kaye
Tony Kaye

Lake Of Fire Review

Very Good
Like the detectives and journalists of David Fincher's Zodiac, Tony Kaye's long-gestating Lake of Fire is the work of a man obsessed. Kaye spent 15 years of his life compiling, analyzing and sifting through a gargantuan number of photographs, propaganda videos, interviews, and medical footage just to make some sense of our nation's most popular pink elephant. Even before he was shaving Edward Norton's head and exploring the ever-popular sport of curbing in American History X, Kaye was deeply submerged in this behemoth documentary about the world after Roe vs. Wade.

Kaye's ambition is daunting: He attempts not only to reiterate the dangers of a society where abortion is illegal but also give balanced criticism to the pro-life and pro-choice sects. The latter debate comes easy: Intellectuals from every imagineable background (Noam Chomsky and Alan M. Dershowitz amongst others) give well-thought ponderings on the freedom to control one's body even in the direst of times. It's with the pro-life argument that Kaye hits a brick wall. Of the dozen or so pro-life interviewees, only jazz historian and Village Voice contributor Nat Hentoff makes an intellectually-backed argument for the pro-life agenda, standing out among the plethora of God-wills-its. Beyond that, Kaye relies on his footage to discuss his subject.

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Timberlake Credited With Cash's Star-studded All-black Video

Johnny Cash Justin Timberlake Rick Rubin Bono Johnny Depp Kanye West Kate Moss Brian Wilson Tony Kaye

The idea for Johnny Cash's stylish final video came from an unlikely source - Justin Timberlake.
The pop superstar was recording tracks with longtime Cash producer Rick Rubin while the Def Jam Records founder was struggling to come up with a concept for the late country legend's final single GOD'S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN.
During one late-night recording session, Timberlake came up with the idea that is the stunning new video.
Rubin recalls, "He said, 'This is your single. The video is going to be all these great artists dressed in black.'"
The producer then called famous friends like Bono, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Kate Moss and Brian Wilson to appear briefly in the Tony Kaye-directed promo.
He adds, "I think everyone's really proud to be in it."

Nirvana Fans Furious About Chili Peppers Video

Nirvana Red Hot Chili Peppers Kurt Cobain Beatles Sex Pistols Anthony Kiedis Tony Kaye Dave Grohl Flea

Nirvana fans are furious because they believe the new Red Hot Chili Peppers music video featuring a parody of late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain is disrespectful. In the video for DANI CALIFORNIA, the group dresses up like members of famous bands including THE Beatles and THE Sex Pistols. In one segment Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis appears as a sullen Kurt Cobain, with a candle extinguishing before him. The video's director, Tony Kaye, claims the band wanted to make sure no one was offended by the clip and even got permission from Nirvana's ex-drummer, Dave Grohl. He explains, "It was a big concern of (Chili Peppers bassist) Flea's. "Flea asked Dave Grohl if it was okay. Dave said yeah, Nirvana was about having fun."

Directed By Alan Smithee Review

This short, 50-minute documentary purports to trace the rise and fall of directorial alias "Alan Smithee," but really it focuses on a few big Hollywood PR fiascos, namely the fallout over the editing of American History X. Director Tony Kaye tried to take his name off the movie but was rebuffed. In the end, the film bore his name, and the exposure revealed the long-used Alan Smithee as a fraud.

In case you hadn't heard about Alan Smithee, oh, in the early 1980s or so.

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Kaye To Film In New Orleans

American History X Tony Kaye

American History X director Tony Kaye has switched the location of his upcoming movie to New Orleans in a bid to help the devastated city find its feet again.

The British film-maker had originally planned to shoot PARANOIA in Brazil, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which has left much of the Louisiana city flooded, Kaye decided to bring his production to New Orleans early next year (06).

Producer MICHEL SHANE tells, "We were going to shoot it in Brazil, but we wanted to bring the project to New Orleans to do our little bit."

Lee Praises Norton's Input

Spike Lee Edward Norton American History X Tony Kaye

Director Spike Lee confirmed Edward Norton's reputation for meddling with
the film-making process - but insists his input in 25TH HOUR was valuable.

Norton gained notoriety when American History X director Tony Kaye removed
his own name from the film credits, claiming the actor had doctored the film
behind his back.

But Lee says, "I'm not going to lie. He has a lot of ideas and I respect
that because basically it comes down to this when you're dealing with actors -
as they thinking about what's best for the film or are they thinking about
what's next for

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Tony Kaye

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Detachment Trailer

Detachment Trailer

Henry Barthes is a highly recommended substitute teacher, a compliment he doesn't really accept. His...

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Spun Movie Review

An entertaining but hideous romp on the circus side of crystal meth addiction, "Spun" wants...

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