Tony Bennett is planning a new Latino duets album after receiving offers to work with a string of top Spanish-speaking stars.
The crooner hit the top of the charts around the world last year (11) with his Duets II album, which featured collaborations with stars like Lady Gaga and the late Amy Winehouse, and his manager son Danny reveals dad's next release looks set to be in another language.
He tells WENN, "We had Juanes on Duets I and we had Alejandro Sanz on this record (Duets II), to a tremendous response, so the idea that I had was to do a Latin kind of edition of this version in Spanish.
"We did some outreach, and 27 Latin artists came back wanting to do the project. So, basically, we're looking at doing that this year to release it in the fourth quarter of 2012."
Bennett has another couple of dream collaborators - Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.
Clapton was supposed to be a part of Duets II but there was a scheduling problem and Bennett reveals he and Stevie Wonder have been trying to hook up in the studio for a while: "For years Stevie Wonder and I have been talking about doing an album."