London insurance officials have hit back at Toni Braxton after she sued them over the cancellation of a string of shows.
The Unbreak My Heart singer was forced to pull the final gigs in her two-year Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel in August, 2008, after she was hospitalised for an ongoing heart problem.
Braxton, who has microvascular angina - a small vessel disease - sued Lloyd's of London in April (09) for undisclosed damages, claiming she purchased insurance in the event of "non-appearance" or "cancellation".
But bosses refused to pay out on the policy, alleging Braxton did not mention her pre-existing health issue when she signed the document - invalidating the insurance.
Now they have filed a countersuit against Braxton, insisting she had kept her heart condition a secret.
They are refusing to pay compensation to the singer and are also claiming undisclosed damages from her, according to