Rocker Tommy Lee came close to having a gay experience with one of his pals recently - until he decided the man wasn't good looking enough.

The Motley Crue drummer, ex-husband of Heather Locklear and PAMELA ANDERSON, found himself stuck in a very compromising position with his male friend, but immediately decided against acting on it.

He tells BLENDER magazine, "Just recently, I was partying with a bunch of people. And my friend - who I had a slight idea was gay , but I didn't know for sure - drove me home.

"I went to bed; he stayed in the guest room. I have a combination lock on my bedroom door. All of a sudden, it's late, I hear knocking. I'm silent. This person's really f**ked up on E. Now he starts pounding, really violently.

"I'm freaked out, thinking, 'F**k! This guy wants to come into my bedroom? No way! The pounding stops and I think, 'Okay. Good, good.'

"I go back to sleep, wake up, and this guy is rubbing my a** and touching me, and I'm like, 'What. The. F**k? Dude! Get the f**k away from me! What is wrong with you? Out!

"Maybe if he was really good looking I may have slightly considered it. But he was not my type."

08/12/2004 02:52