Rocker Tommy Lee left his college tutor stunned during his recent studies at the University Of Nebraska, when he told her he loved her armpits.

Stunning NATALIE RIEDMANN, a 21-year-old psychology graduate, saw the Motley Crue drummer through his studies as he filmed scenes for his new reality show TOMMY LEE GOES TO COLLEGE.

And sexy Riedmann admits she wasn't prepared for the compliments 42-year-old Lee paid her.

She tells men's magazine FHM, "When it comes to hitting on women, Tommy is direct. He said he loves my armpits and told me that I have beautiful feet. No guy has said that before. Should I be weirded out?

"During filming, Tommy wasn't allowed to hook up with co-eds, and I wasn't allowed to hook up with him. We flirted with each other, but I'm a good midwestern Catholic girl at heart. He still sends me text messages, though. He's very persistent."

Lee's idea of going out for a drink also stunned Riedmann, who adds, "One night I asked Tommy to get me a drink. Next thing I knew, he was pouring Jack Daniel's into my mouth straight from the bottle. That's Tommy's idea of fetching a girl a drink. It's not mine."