It's 1973 and young Steven is having a hard time from problems at his home in Pennsylvania due to his mother and father's tempestuous relationship with each other. In a bid to protect Steven from emotional turmoil and to allow themselves time to rebuild their marriage, his parents send him off to spend time with his grandparents on their farm which he soon finds is no longer a safe haven. In a moment of curiosity, Steven talks a walk into the high, expansive corn field but is given a fright when he discovers the body of a dead woman. He tells his grandparents who don't believe him at first, and he is approached by some unsavoury characters when he is briefly left alone in the car. Soon, the family become the victims of some terrifying disturbances at their home caused by some hidden perpetrators that use the corn fields as a hiding place and Steven begins to realise that he has less to fear from the dead than the living.

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