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Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Peter Quill runs into some trouble when he discovers an unusual looking orb that happens to be hunted by the merciless admiral Ronan and his army of miscreants. He is an Earthling; an unusual race within his neighbourhood in which he grew up after being removed for his home planet as a child. Naming himself the Star-Lord, he likes to think he's one heck of a superhero - but he's about to meet his match (or should we say 'matches'?). After being arrested by Ronan's people, he is greeted by four other alien outlaws. First there is the enormous Drax the Destroyer who is determined to use his supernatural strength to avenge his murdered family; then there's cyborg Gamora, the daughter of Thanos (an even bigger villain in this story); Rocket, a psychotic gun-toting raccoon; and half-man half-tree Groot. They may be distrustful of each other, but they've got to stick together if they want to save the universe from certain annihilation.

Since when did superhero films have to be serious? Marvel apply comedy to comics with 'Guardians Of The Galaxy', which is based on the original comics by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. The movie has been directed  by James Gunn ('Super', 'Slither', 'PG Porn') and co-written by Nicole Perlman and is due for UK release on July 31st 2014.

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Romeo And Juliet - Featurette

The stars of the upcoming adaptation of 'Romeo and Juliet' Douglas Booth, Hailee Steinfeld, Ed Westwick, Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti as well as costume designer Carlo Poggioli and Nadja Swarovski of Swarovski Entertainment Ltd. talk about the new movie in a short featurette.

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Picture - Tomas Arana - Simin Hope... Los Angeles California United States, Thursday 6th June 2013

Tomas Arana - Simin Hope Foundation Presents 'A Celebration Of All Fathers' - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 6th June 2013

Romeo and Juliet Trailer

Romeo and Juliet are two young lovers whose lives together cannot escape their inevitable tragic fate. They are from opposite feuding families; Romeo is a Montague while Juliet is a Capulet. They meet and fall immediately in love when Romeo sneaks into the Capulet family ball and they soon vow to be married. Unfortunately, their happy matrimony does not last long when Romeo is forced to kill a relative of hers who challenges him and he is subsequently banished from Verona. Juliet, meanwhile, is being forced to marry another man against her wishes. Blinded by her misery, she accepts the help of Friar Laurence who offers to help her fake her own death so that she and Romeo may elope. However, after a cruel twist of fate, Romeo fails to receive word of the plan and discovers his wife apparently dead in her tomb. The grief that ensues becomes the deadly fate for this star-crossed couple. 

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Picture - Tomas Arana New York City, USA, Tuesday 8th March 2011

Tomas Arana Tuesday 8th March 2011 The New York premiere of 'Limitless' - Inside Arrivals New York City, USA

Tomas Arana

Picture - Tomas Arana New York City, USA, Tuesday 8th March 2011

Tomas Arana Tuesday 8th March 2011 The New York Premiere of 'Limitless' - Inside Arrivals New York City, USA

Limitless Trailer

Eddie Mora is a wanna-be writer who lacks direction in his life. A former drug addict Eddie's stuck in a job working as a copywriter for a small publishing house and technically this brilliant novelist still has to write the first line of his book. When a dealer offers him a mysterious new drug called NZT that's meant to unlock 100% of the brains capacity, Eddie's dubious of what the drug promises, but almost immediately, he finds himself a new person, focussed and determined the old Eddie is never coming back.

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Picture - Tomas Arana West Hollywood, California, Sunday 23rd January 2011

Tomas Arana Sunday 23rd January 2011 'The Roomate' Los Angeles Special Screening at Soho House West Hollywood, California

The Roommate Trailer

The first night in Uni halls is generally a big deal for every teenage, you move into your room and you've got to hope you're going to get a nice person to share with. When Sara moves into her new room she's introduced to her roommate Rebecca. The girls seem to instantly connect and a bond is formed. It seems like both have landed quite nicely and are happy with their new sharing buddy.

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