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Salinger Trailer

J.D. Salinger - known to his friends as Jerry - is the mysterious author of the most famous adolescent book in the last century, 'The Catcher In The Rye'. Little has ever been known about the talented Jewish author; he preferred to keep his private life out of the public eye, stopped taking interviews 30 years before his death and hated being photographed by the media. In 1965, he had stopped publishing stories altogether and few people knew exactly what had happened to him. Few people also knew about his troubling experiences in the army during World War II and there were rumours that he had suffered a nervous breakdown and worked on his writing alone in an isolated cabin. It was no wonder, in some respects, that he wanted to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, after three young boys used the novel to justify cold-blooded murders. Now, some of the most sought after details of his Salinger's personal life are revealed, from his relationships to his emotional struggles.

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Tom Wolfe Is Back With 'Back To Blood'

Tom Wolfe

It's true of many writers, for the natural curve of their career to go from cold, hard fact and veer increasingly to stories and fiction. Toni Morrison began as a lecturer, before writing her first novel The Bluest Eye, Daniel Defoe began as a political writer and pamphleteer before his embarking on an exceptional fiction-writing career including Robinson Crusoe, and Stieg Larsson was an international journalist long before forging on his incredible Millenium Trilogy. The motivation is always the propellant desire to more greatly understand humanity, and Tom Wolfe's journey has been no different. Beginning his career as an investigative and radical writer and journalist, he changed the face of journalism itself and wrote the world famous The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, long before stepping out into the big, wide, scary world of fiction, back in 1987, with the wildly popular The Bonfire of Vanities. He returns tomorrow with the release of his fourth work of fiction Back To Blood.

Back To Blood is an epic and sprawling work is driven by tension, itself fueled by race, crime and uncomfortable diversity. Set in Miami, where whites are in the minority, the Hispanic and African-American relations are tense, but Russians and Haitians are added to the mix to make this an extraordinarily diverse, and true to life, depiction of Miami. The Daily Beast describes it as a "bracing vision of America's shifting demography and the immutability of ethnic conflict and class aspirations." Reality, in this novel, bites not only in content but in style, regarding a minor point of an exclamation mark, he said to USA Today; "I think that's how people talk. They talk in exclamation points! They don't talk in philosophical essays."

And indeed he's right, we like to shock and we like to be shocked, we're forever surprised, forever sarcastic, and all of that requires a healthy dose of exclamation marks. Wolfe is one to shock and surprise, perpetually. Anyone that reads or has read his fiction or non-fiction cannot help but be perpetually surprised- and delighted- at Wolfe's grand narrative styles, but also the confidence with which he broaches his topic, be it the effects of drugs, collegiate politics, or in the case of his latest novels, racial tensions in Miami. Back To Blood is available for purchase tomorrow (23rd Oct. 2012).

Opening Night Of The Off-Broadway Play 'Lonely, I'm Not' At The Second Stage Theatre - Arrivals

Tom Wolfe Monday 7th May 2012 Opening night of the Off-Broadway play 'Lonely, I'm Not' at the Second Stage Theatre - Arrivals

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

Bill Cunningham New York Review

This lively documentary tells the story of the fashion world's most influential photographers. Most people have never heard of him, and he doesn't mind at all.

And as it digs deeper, the film becomes a remarkable exploration of the true meaning of success.

Bill Cunningham is a pure photojournalist with a passion for fashion. At 80, he's been riding his bicycle around Manhattan for 50 years snapping photos of street fashion: where catwalk meets consumer. His iconic pages in The New York Times are watched by the fashion industry for trends that no one else has noticed. But Cunningham lives in an overcrowded one-room studio in Carnegie Hall. He has no appetite for celebrity, fine food or clothes, romance or money, and is happiest when he spots a particularly colourful person on the street.

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Wolfe Changes Publisher After 40 Years

Tom Wolfe

BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES author Tom Wolfe has ended a 40-year relationship with his publishing company, after a row over the advance for his latest novel.
Wolfe wasn't happy with the cash sum Farrar, Straus + Giroux offered him for his new book Back to Blood - the result of disappointing sales for his last effort I Am Charlotte Simmons.
And now he has secured a new deal with Little, Brown to release Back to Blood - about "class, family, wealth, race, crime, sex, corruption and ambition".
Wolfe's agent Lynn Nesbit tells the New York Daily News the split was "not at all acrimonious".

Hoffman Modelled Character On Wolfe

Dustin Hoffman Tom Wolfe

Dustin Hoffman modelled his latest film role on eccentric novelist Tom Wolfe.
The actor plays a 243-year-old toy shop owner in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - and he insisted on having a say on his character's spectacular appearance.
Hoffman says, "It was modelled on Tom Wolfe.
"I had a hand in that. I was always jealous of men who dressed ostentatiously because I never had the guts to do that."

Kesey's Bus Set To Hit The Road Again

Ken Kesey Tom Wolfe Willie Nelson

The psychedelic bus that became a huge part of the hippie movement in America is to be restored for a planned documentary road trip.
The vehicle, owned by writer Ken Kesey, featured at many peace and love gatherings throughout the late 1960s and 1970s and housed Kesey and hippie culture icons THE MERRY PRANKSTERS.
The bus was made famous when it featured in Tom Wolfe's 1968 book THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST.
Kesey's son ZANE and his wife STEPHANIE are searching for a film deal and financial help to restore the broken down bus. Country star and environmentalist Willie Nelson has already offered to install a biodiesel engine in the vehicle, which has spent the past 15 years slowly sinking into a swamp in northern California.
Kesey bought the school bus in the late 1930s with the money he made from his novel ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST and toured the country with his Merry Prankster friends.

The Simpsons Plan Star Studded-season

The Simpsons Natalie Portman Kiefer Sutherland White Stripes The Sopranos Michael Imperioli Joe Pantoliano Joe Mantegna Dr Phil Fran Drescher Richard Lewis Homer Simpson Tom Wolfe Gore Vidal Eric Idle Harry Hamlin

The Simpsons is planning a star-studded 18th season by rounding up celebrities including Natalie Portman, Kiefer Sutherland and THE White Stripes to voice character, often themselves, on the show.
The premiere episode, THE MOOK, THE CHEF, HIS WIFE AND HIS HOMER features The Sopranos veterans Michael Imperioli and Joe Pantoliano, as well as Joe Mantegna, who reprises his role as Springfield's mob boss.
Dr Phil, Fran Drescher and comedian Richard Lewis are featured in the annual Halloween episode and Sutherland appears in the 12 November (06) episode which finds Homer Simpson in basic training.
Also appearing on the show this season are authors Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, MICHAEL CHABON and JONATHAN FRANZEN.
Other celebrity guests scheduled to appear include Eric Idle, Harry Hamlin and comedian JON LOVITZ.

Sutherland And Moore Join The Simpsons

Kiefer Sutherland Mandy Moore The Simpsons Homer Simpson White Stripes Tom Wolfe

Kiefer Sutherland and Mandy Moore are the latest stars adding their voices to cult cartoon series The Simpsons.

Sutherland will play an Army colonel in an upcoming episode, which will see Homer Simpson mistaken for a terrorist. Singer/actress Moore will portray a sexy dominatrix.

Rock duo THE White Stripes and author Tom Wolfe will also feature in the new season of The Simpsons.

Homer Attracts Literary Greats

Homer Simpson The Simpsons Tom Wolfe Gore Vidal

Inarticulate cartoon hero Homer Simpson is to be joined by a host of celebrated authors tonight (18DEC05) in a special The Simpsons episode poking fun at literary culture.

The yellow slob will be graced on-screen by animated versions of writers including Tom Wolfe and Gore Vidal, who have all agreed to lend their voices to the hit programme.

Wolfe says, "This is the only show of any sort that I watch on television.

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Almost Heroes Review

Farley and Perry, as powerful a comedic force as, say, Nixon and Hawking. Farley's final movie before he died, and pretty representative of his work on the whole.
Tom Wolfe

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