Tom Hiddleston admits it is a ''massive compliment'' he is being tipped to have his own Loki film.

The 32-year-old actor portrays the evil character in the 'Thor' film franchise and while he admits he would love to play his alter-ego in a standalone movie, he insists there are no such plans in place currently.

He said: ''The idea that there could be a solo Loki film is such a massive compliment, but I can officially tell you there's no movement on any such thing.

''If it ever came around, I'd have to have a big brainstorm with [Marvel bigwig] Kevin Feige on it.

''But Loki defines himself in opposition to Thor - there is no Thor without Loki and no Loki without Thor.''

If such a film did ever get off the ground then Tom would love to see the supervillain blasting out hits by The Rolling Stones in his own nightclub in the 1970s.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''I'd love to see him out of context - on Earth in the 70s, running a nightclub playing lots of Rolling Stones records. Those are the kind of harebrained ideas I have!''