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The Woman in Black: Angel of Death - Teaser Trailer

Following the horrifying tale of the young lawyer, Arthur Kipps, and his struggle to sell the eerie Eel Marsh House, the house was left abandoned for many years. The last owner, Alice Drablow, passed away during the Edwardian era, prompting Mr. Kipp's arrival, and the house has stood empty ever since. Fast forward to 1940s London, when The Blitz is in full effect. Eve (Phoebe Fox) is a young school teacher, tasked with looking after a group of evacuated children. As they are moved to the remote and quiet town of Crythin Gifford, where the only building with enough room is the empty, ancient, Eel March House. But, as no one ever heard from Mr. Kipps following his stay at the house, it is soon revealed that something, or someone, still haunts the old house. The spectre of a woman in black.

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Picture - Tom Harper London, England, Wednesday 21st October 2009

Tom Harper Wednesday 21st October 2009 The Scouting Book for Boys premiere held at the Vue cinema London, England

Telstar Trailer

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