Tom Hardy compares Nick Nolte to a "big bear".

The British actor worked with the Hollywood veteran on his latest film 'Warrior', and feels his "Old School" attitude place him in the same league as Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.

He told "I love Nick and I think he is fantastic. He is an icon for me. As an actor, he comes from an old school heritage of real realistic and naturalistic movie actors.

"Strasberg lineage right through from Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Dustin Hoffman. It goes all the way through to Nick Nolte and James Caan.

"He is old school. I look at him and I can see that the history is carved into his face. I really like that. It's like an old cliff. He has a crazed history written all over him. He is like a big bear."

Tom also said he was a little star struck by the elder actor's past and the stories he told him.

He added to "There is a clown in Nick, which an actor, to work, with is something that is really important - that you don't lose your childlike true sense and ability to play regardless of consequence.

"He is 70 now and he still has it, and he keeps you on your toes. He is very, very brave. He also has stories. He talks about Brando and his earlier movies. That is how it was like working with him. He is a legend."