Tom Hardy has been left battered and bruised during the filming of his new movie Warrior.

The movie tells the story Tommy (Hardy), the son of an alcoholic ex-boxer who must train his son in preparation for a mixed martial arts tournament. Filming could be expected to be rough and director GAVIN O'CONNOR explained the damage the actors took while making the movie, speaking to E! Online he said "Joel blew out his knee. He tore his ACL; Tommy broke ribs, a finger and toes. A lot of black eyes." He also added "It was intense. We were trying not to act. That was the goal." Hardy, who is also starring in the upcoming Batman movie also described how tough his training routine was, saying, "We did a couple of hours of jiu jitsu and boxing and then a couple hours of muay thai and some wrestling ever day and then some choreography and weight lifting. Then we started filming."

Tom Hardy was born in London and began his acting career appearing in 2001 starring in HBO hit series Band of Brothers. His first major role was as intergalactic villain Praetor Shinzon in 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis. He has since gone onto to the Hollywood A-list appearing in Christopher Nolan's surrealist adventure tale Inception where he won the Scream Award for Best Breakthrough Actor. He is currently filming This Means War about two CIA operatives who fall in love with the same woman and battle to win her affections.