The chocolate box of life must have a bitter pill in there somewhere it seems, because Tom Hanks has been the victim of fraud. His insurance broker, a man named Jerry B. Goldman, has been charged with ten counts of fraud, according to TMZ.

The well trusted gossip website reports that Goldman may receive up to 20 years per charge- and there are ten charges stacked against him! For those of you who aren't so hot at numbers, that could amount to a 200 year sentence. TMZ say that he managed to con around $800k out of Hanks and two other wealthy clients. He got the money by telling his clients that the premiums of insurance for the items they wanted covering were much higher than they really were- sometimes as much as 600% higher! The crooked insurance agent skimmed the excess off the money his clients paid him- which they all thought was going direct to their insurers- and pocketed it for himself. 

The serious allegations against him are 'mail fraud' in which he sent false statements to his clients, to make the whole thing seem legit. Other victims included Andy Summers and an unnamed member of the band The Police. With Hanks' enormous personal wealth he'll probably not miss a measly couple-a-hundred-thousand dollars, plus he's got way more important things to think about at the moment. His latest film 'Cloud Atlas' is out at cinemas and he's currently filming 'Saving Mr Banks' in which he will play the eponymous character.