Tom Hanks put his Hollywood nice guy reputation at risk on late night Tv on Tuesday (10Dec13) when he ripped into chat show host Jimmy Kimmel for changing freeway lanes without signalling.

The comedian opened his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, by telling the studio audience he almost got pulled over by police on his way to work for not using his indicator, and Hanks wouldn't let the matter go when he took the stage and revealed he hates motorists who don't signal.

Hanks, who was promoting his new film Saving Mr. Banks on the show, said, "I got a name to guys like you, guys that don't signal when they change lanes. If I'm behind you and you just slide over without signalling, I say, 'Thanks for the signal, d**kwad!' The world knows what you're gonna do in that car, like, you send out an Esp message that says, 'I'm gonna change lanes now,' and I picked it up through, like, some dog vibrations or something.

"Use the signal d**kwad. That's what it's there for."

Chuckling Kimmel asked, "What happened to nice Tom Hanks?" and the actor replied, "(He's) gone."

The newly-married host attempted to explain himself, prompting Hanks to add, "Baloney, you're sitting there trying to crack up your wife, because she's bored with you already. Am I wrong?"

He added, "If you're in L.A. traffic flows normally; we do not have jams. You know why we have traffic that's so bad? 'Cos d**kwads like you don't signal when you turn."