Tom Hanks has never been ambitious.

The 'Saving Mr. Banks' actor has ''never understood'' people with career plans or targets they want to meet and only wanted to make enough money to ''get by''.

He said: ''I had no dreams at all growing up. The concept of having huge dreams when you're young and always having one eye on the prize - that's something I've honestly never understood. I did not have a single dream growing up, or even a five-year plan.

''I'm serious. I just wanted to make a little bit of money to get by. A little bit more than nothing!''

Instead, the Oscar-winning star has just taken his career one role at a time.

He added: ''As far as I was concerned, acting was just a job you volunteered to do in your free time. If you were good enough, a director might sometimes ask you back to play something else.

''I was just always trying to get a better job than I had at the time. My mentality was actually quite communist. I thought if I could build one tractor to an OK standard, perhaps I could build another.''