Tom Hanks does live in some normality as this week he was a juror for a case in LA, however the trial came to an abrupt end on Wednesday (September 11, 2013) after there were allegations made of jury tampering. It didn't take long to turn Hollywood.

On Wednesday afternoon during a scheduled lunch break, TMZ reported "a female member of the L.A. City Attorney's Office went up to Tom in a stairwell and thanked him for his jury service, especially because he's such a big celeb and gladly served".

Following this the prosecutor brought this to the attention of the court and revealed that a member of the City Attorney's Office made inappropriate contact with the Hollywood actor during the break.

The defence requested a hearing of alleged jury tampering, this led to conversations between both lawyers where a guilty plea deal was agreed to a minor fraction of disturbing the peace. The man who was facing charges of domestic violence and potentially a year in prison was handed a hefty fine of $150.

After the trial came to an end, the defence lawyer Andrew Flier told TMZ "She was just being maybe a little star struck and nice,'s an absolute 100 percent no-no, and it should never have happened."

The Oscar winning actor was on jury duty for a couple of days and didn't comment on the trial but did say that he was there to "serve justice".

Hopefully the 57 year old will have better success with his upcoming film as he stars in biopic 'Captain Phillips', portraying the sea captain who was taken hostage by Somali pirates in 2009 on the US-flagged MV Maersk. The thriller premiered at this year's London Film Festival and is set for release on 18th October 2013.

Hanks also starred in the closing film of the same festival with his portrayal as Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr Banks' that tells the 'untold story' of 'Mary Poppins' emergence on the big screen is revealed. The film's release date has been confirmed for 29th November 2013.

Watch Captain Pillips trailer here