Pixar has already confirmed a sequel to its 2001 hit animated film 'Monsters Inc.', but there are now rumors that the studio fully intends on turning the clock back to the turn of the decade with suggestions that it's also planning a fourth 'Toy Story' film as well as a sequel to 2003 fish-based flick 'Finding Nemo'. We sense that people in their late teens and early twenties might be more excited about this than the kids that the studio would surely be aiming for.

The Daily Telegraph are citing a quote from Tom Hanks made last year to the BBC, in which he hinted that the fourth 'Toy Story' was already in development, despite the official word being that 2010's third edition was definitely to be the last of the run. As for 'Finding Nemo 2', it's being widely reported that the original film's director Andrew Stanton will be returning to lead the film - something that hasn't officially been commented on either.

With 'Finding Nemo 3D' heading into cinemas, it will be a good chance for developers to take a look at its impact almost a decade from when it was first released, with a favourable response perhaps making a sequel more likely. The original film took a whopping $865 million at the Box Office and won an Oscar to boot.