Tom Hanks may be better known for his serious movies roles these days, such as The DaVinci Code, The Terminal and Saving Private Ryan, but cast your mind back far enough and you may remember that we used to know Tom hanks as a pretty funny guy – something that we were reminded of last night (October 23, 2012) when he appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Hanks may have been on the show to promote his latest movie Cloud Atlas, but he took a few minutes out of promo mode to play the funny guy, by delivering a poem, ‘slam poetry’ style, about the late ‘80s / early ‘90s sitcom ‘Full House’ – which was responsible for launching the Olsen twins on the world.

No, we’re not entirely sure what sparked this poetic performance either. But we sure as hell enjoyed it. Wearing a black turtleneck and reciting the poem over some fairly comedic jazz riffs, he “reimagined” the ‘Beach Boy Bingo’ episode of the show, using the lines “And the men become boys, Beach Boys, as they go to the show where they sing 'Kokomo, Kokomo, there’s where I want to go, to get away from it all… From this male-dominated world, this testosterone-soaked full house. This house full of men.”

It’s good to see Hanks, 56, showing that he’s still got it. After all, earlier in the week, he was looking as though he might have lost it, when he found himself accidentally swearing on live TV, on Good Morning America. Hanks being Hanks, though, he managed to smooth things over with his charm!