Tom Cruise's Beverley Hills mansion was almost invaded by a drunken fan, and neighbour of the star, last night (October 28, 2012), TMZ has reported.

The celebrity gossip site has written that a wall surrounding Cruise's home in Beverley Hills was scaled by a drunken neighbour, named Jason Sullivan, at around 9pm yesterday. The would-be trespasser was met not by the film actor, but instead by a security guard and his taser gun, with the guard opening fire after the man continued with his efforts to break into casa del Cruise. Reports from after the police picked him up reveal that Sullivan reacted so badly to the jolts of electricity that he had to be taken to hospital to receive treatment.

Beverley Hills Police are believed to have spoken with TMZ, telling the site that 41-year-old Sullivan was seen running from the home and security guard by the time they arrived on the scene, after which Sullivan was immediately arrested for trespassing. The police also said that Sullivan in fact has a home "adjacent" to Cruise's and is believed to have gotten confused as to which his house was due to his heavy intoxication. Tom was not at home during the incident, but is thought to have since been informed of what happened.