Tom Fletcher dumped wife Giovanna at the beginning of their relationship for his ex-girlfriend.

The childhood sweethearts got married a year ago, but the McFly singer's wife has admitted their relationship got off to a shaky start when they met at school in their early teens.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: ''We were 13 years old ... We fancied each other instantly.

''He asked me out and we were an item for two days before he dumped me for his ex-girlfriend.

''I was devastated but it didn't take long for him to change his mind and we had a few years of being together and breaking up again - you know, all the joys and drama that comes with teenagers.''

Tom's music career and his subsequent fame brought its own difficulties, although Giovanna, 27, insisted she managed to cope well with him having to pretend he was single.

She revealed: ''As was the norm back then, boys in bands had to give the impression they were single.

''Thanks to my time at Sylvia Young [Theatre School] I knew the way the industry worked so wasn't too bothered by my boyfriend keeping quit about me - although that didn't stop my family and friends being bemused by the whole thing.

''I was constantly assuring them that I was, in fact, dating him - I wasn't just a crazy stalker! Fortunately, Tom knew my parents from when we were younger and they loved him, otherwise I'm sure my dad would have had a thing or two to say about his alleged single status.''