Tom Everett Scott

Picture - Tom Everett Scott - Milk... Los Angeles California United States, Sunday 19th April 2015

Tom Everett Scott - Milk + Bookies 6th Annual Story Time Celebration at Skirball Cultural Center - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 19th April 2015

Tom Everett Scott
Tom Everett Scott

Enemies Closer Trailer

Henry is a former Navy SEAL who now works as a forest ranger while living in a woodland cabin. One day he is paid a visit by his former military colleague Clay who pulls a gun on him before reminding him of his desertion while on duty. Determined to exact a deadly revenge, Clay drags him towards the water's edge in the woods, but before he can do what he set out to do, they are interrupted by a brutal drugs gang who are searching for fifty pounds of heroin that got lost in transit. In order to evade the gun-toting cartel, Henry and Clay must for once work together or risk being shot on sight. Reluctantly, they set to escape the area together, but find that their adversaries are much more skilled then they first realised.

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Parental Guidance Review


Cynical audiences will hate this simplistic, softhearted comedy, but for a bit of undemanding entertainment, it isn't too bad. And while the cast members don't remotely stretch themselves in these roles, they at least manage to get the emotion flowing in the predictable final act. And sometimes a bit of mindless silliness is just what we need.

Crystal and Midler play Artie and Diane, grandparents who have little contact with their uptight daughter Alice (Tomei), who lives on the other side of the country. When she decides to accompany her inventor husband (Scott) to an awards ceremony, she reluctantly agrees to let her parents take care of their three over-protected kids: burgeoning teen daughter Harper (Madison), shy son Turner (Rush) and mop-headed Barker (Breitkopf), a bundle of cheeky energy who immediately renames his granddad "Fartie". Of course, tech-phobic Artie and hug-loving Diane struggle to keep up with these children they barely know, but they're more resilient and far cleverer than Alice gives them credit for.

The script never tries to be sophisticated, announcing its important life lessons early on and never putting any of the characters in danger of not learning something. Meanwhile, the writers continually contrive the plot to keep Tomei on screen as much as possible, even though this kind of undermines the whole point of the grandparents being there in the first place. And every challenge faced by each character (there's a mini-plot for everyone) is fairly easy to navigate. But all of the actors manage to underplay the physical chaos while bringing enough charm to the film to keep us engaged.

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Parental Guidance - Trailer Trailer

Artie and Diane Decker are the aging parents of a working mother, Alice, whose busy lifestyle means she has to enlist the help of her parents to look after her three young children while she and her husband Phil go away on a business trip. While Diane seems enthusiastic about seeing her grandchildren, Artie is less motivated when he realises that his old fashioned, tough love parenting methods would be lost on the 21st century kids. Alice certainly realises she's got her work cut out trying to teach her stubborn father how to deal with them, remembering the many occasions he let her down when she was a child. Will Artie and Diane's 'second chance' at parenting teach them that their daughter has got the right approach? Or will the venture end in disaster?

This heart-warming comedy is a wonderful story about the unity of family. It is directed by Andy Fickman ('She's the Man', 'The Game Plan') and written by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse (previously having worked together on 'Lover Girl' and 'Surf's Up') with re-writes from Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (both of 'Tooth Fairy' and 'Robots'). It is set for release in UK cinemas everywhere on December 28th 2012.

Starring: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Bailee Madison, Tom Everett Scott, Madison Lintz, Rhoda Griffis, Gedde Watanabe, Dwayne Boyd & Joshua Rush

Tanner Hall Trailer

As Fernanda enters her final year at Tanner Hall, a rundown boarding school in New England, she is met by some surprising changes within her group of peers. A friend from her childhood joins the school. Victoria, an alluring trouble causer brings a whole new challenge to her school.

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Mars Needs Moms Trailer

Milo is a typical boy, anything that's good for him, he doesn't really like. His mom is always telling him to eat his greens, but he always tries to find ways around eating dreadful things like broccoli. As far as Milo's concerned, what do moms really know? He'll do just fine on his own. But all is about to change when Milo's mom is abducted by aliens.

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Picture - Tom Everett Scott, Hollywood, California, Sunday 6th March 2011

Tom Everett Scott and Cody Simpson - Tom Everett Scott, Hollywood, California - at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Mars Needs Moms 3D' at the El Capitan Theatre. Sunday 6th March 2011

Picture - Tom Everett Scott Hollywood, California, Sunday 6th March 2011

Tom Everett Scott Sunday 6th March 2011 at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Mars Needs Moms 3D' at the El Capitan Theatre. Hollywood, California

Tom Everett Scott

Race To Witch Mountain Trailer

Watch the trailer for Race To Witch Mountain.

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Picture - Tom Everett Scott Califonia, USA, Sunday 29th March 2009

Tom Everett Scott Sunday 29th March 2009 'ER' Says Goodbye After 15 years - Finale Party held at Social Hollywood Califonia, USA

Picture - Tom Everett Scott Los Angeles, California, Wednesday 11th March 2009

Tom Everett Scott Wednesday 11th March 2009 Premiere of 'Race to Witch Mountain' held at the El Capitan Theatre - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Tom Everett Scott
Tom Everett Scott

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