Tom Daily's Splash!  - a genuinely entertaining show, featuring the funniest judges, and most interesting celebs, or a shameful harnessing of the dwindling Olympic spirit to squeeze some extra cash?

Unfortunately for the show, everyone involved and the staggering 6.35 million people that tuned in to watch, it appears that it's very much the latter. Featuring Benidorm star Jake Canuso, former Absolutely Fabulous star Helen Lederer, telly presenter Jenni Falconer and comedian Omid Djalili, Splash! drew the wrath of Twitter, as disappointed viewers took to the micro-blogging site to air their grievances. TV presenter Tim Lovejoy - who receives a lot of stick for his own deficiencies as part of the 'talent' - said: "Whats going on? Is the joke on me? Am I being filmed on my sofa? #splash. Did they ever explain why Jo Brand is a judge? #splash" Another aspect of the show targeted was the decision to use Jo Brand as a judge. The grumpy comedienne seemingly has no place judging the quality of one's dive. But hey ho.

Some of the other choice tweets, as curated by The Sun, are:

@Staners6: "What's this prog on ITV Splash wow terrible"

@brent_lfc: "#splash literally the worst tv show I've ever seen but I guarantee everyone is watching it for its terrible set up and idea"

@GaryTomWilliams: "Splash is terrible, but the worst thing about it is that Harry Hill's TV Burp isn''t around to take it apart next Saturday."

@chrisymas: "Splash is the most pathetic excuse for a program I have ever seen."

@DannyJBarwick: "Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan presenting #splash I thought it looked terrible but now it looks diabolical."

@AngryBritain: "If we slag off Tom Daley's #Splash too vigorously will we get arrested for trolling? ..."

@jo_elvin: I really love Jo Brand, but.... Huh? #splash"